Susan Posnick Cosmetics: Autumn Berry Color Chart

susan posnick cosmetics austumn

by: Peyton Sands

Looking to update your look for fall? We’ve created the perfect color chart to warm up your hue to the autumn season.  Make this glowing berry look your own by shopping these items: Face - COLORFLO is used as foundation. COLORCORRECT is used to camouflage & highlight  Cheeks- COLORME Orchid

Eyes- Orchid COLORME Blush as base color; apply lightly on lid. Apply COLOREYEDEFINE Jasper close to lashes on top lip and extend past outer corner. Blend Sandstone above Jasper and under the bottom lashes. Use Jasper as a liner over Sandstone under bottom lashes. Apply 2 coats of mascara.


One to Watch: Kaia Gerber

cindy cindy



We can’t get over the resemblance between the beautiful Kaia Gerber and her mother Cindy Crawford. Kaia is just thirteen, but with her voluminous hair, almond eyes, gorgeous smile, and perfectly full brows, she’s certainly on her way to supermodel stardom.  In 2010, at the age of 10, Kaia appeared in Versace ads.  Read more about Kaia on Harper’s Bazaar Australia and add her to your ones to watch list!

And, to mimic the perfectly glowing skin of both mother and daughter - shop our COLORFLO (free shipping this month)!


photo: Harper’s Bazaar Australia

October 2014 Promotion: Free Shipping!



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Susan Posnick Cosmetics Launch at the Park Hyatt New York


park hyatt ny

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Susan Posnick Cosmetics at the Nalia Spa at the Park Hyatt New York.  The spa has incredible views of the city! Susan had a wonderful launch event yesterday evening and celebrated with guests and the staff of the Nalia Spa.  Customers received a gift with purchase and makeovers from Susan. Susan loved doing the makeup of Hollywood Life Beauty Director, Dory Larrabee.


Thank you to everyone who joined us and shared their photos!







park hyatt 4


park hyatt 3


park hyatt 2



Backstage Beauty with Susan Posnick



Wondering how the models at the palmer//harding spring-summer 2015 presentation got their beautiful looks? Susan shares the how-to with Susan Posnick Cosmetics below!


- Apply a touch of foundation to even the skin on the top lids
- Apply COLORME Lily Blush from the lash line up to the brow (seek product)
- Apply COLORME Peony Blush from the lash line to the socket and blend the edges seamlessly (seek product)
- Apply COLORFLO Bronzer on the socket line from the outer eye to the inner eye; just on the eye socket
- Apply COLOREYEDEFINE Rose Quartz Shadow on the middle of the lid and blend
- Apply COLOREYEDEFINE Gold Shadow on top of the Rose Quartz and blend
- Apply COLOREYEDEFINE Smokey Quartz Line in a thin line on the very outer third of the lash line and blend
- Curl the lashes if necessary
- Apply MASCARA MIX on the very outer corner top eyelashes

- Apply a touch of foundation to even the skin on the bottom lids
- Apply COLORME Blush Lily from the outer to the inner lash line
- Apply COLORFLO Bronzer from the outer corner and one third inwards and blend
- Apply COLOREYEDEFINE in Gold Shadow on the middle of the lid and blend; apply a touch on the inner corner of
the eyes on the tear duct on the top and bottom of the very inner corner
- Apply COLOREYEDEFINE Platinum Liner on the waterline

- Brush the brows up and out with DR.LIPP

- Apply foundation in a shade that suits or custom mix foundations match and even out skin tone (seek product)
- Apply concealer in a suitable shade under eyes and on any imperfections.
- If you need a concealer with corrective properties to more coverage please ask for the MAKE UP FOR EVER
concealer palettes (seek product)
- Powder any concealed areas, after smoothing out the concealer (seek product)
- Apply COLORME Camelia Blush on the back of the cheekbone and wrap it around the eye blending into the hair a
bit before the hair bang goes behind the ears (seek product)
- Apply COLORFLO Shimmer (for fair to medium skin tones) and COLORME Champagne Shimmer (for medium to
dark skin tones; providing that COLORFLO Shimmer did not suit or looked ashy) on the top of the cheekbones, the
jawbones, the bridge to the nose and the cupids bow

- Apply COLORESSENTIAL Dallas Lipstick and use a tissue to blot it almost erase it away
- Apply a touch of DR.LIPP balm on the top and bottom mid pout

- Reapply COLOREYEDEFINE Platinum Liner reapplied on the bottom waterline
- Reapply highlight on the high plans of the face
- Blot the skin on the t-zone
- Light powder on the t-zone (if necessary)





September Promotion- London Fashion Week




We’re celebrating Susan’s trip to London for London fashion week with our September special.  Richen your lips with the berry of the season – our LONDON COLORESSENTIAL lip color!  Receive a FREE London lipstick with any purchase of $30 or more.

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Susan Posnick Lipsticks on The Cut


Susan Posnick Cosmetics COLORESSENTIAL lipsticks were featured on Susan Yara of’s video site.  See why they made The Cut.

London Fashion Week: palmer//harding Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

palmer harding 2014


Save the date for the palmer//harding spring-summer 2015 fashion presentation in London during London Fashion Week.  Susan will be the official makeup artist and Susan Posnick Cosmetics a sponsor for the show on September 14th. In celebration of the event, we’re featuring an exclusive q&a today with the brand’s designers: Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding.

SPC: How did palmer//harding come to be?

PH: Matthew and I met while studying at Central Saint Martins in 2007, we advised on each others projects until we graduated, at which point we we both working freelance. in 2011 we were approached by the ANDAM award in Paris to be a finalist in their prestigious competition. This was the catalyst for us starting palmer//harding.

SPC: When & where did you launch your first collection?

PH: We launched our first collection as part of The British Fashion Councils NewGen initiative in September 2011 at London Fashion Week.

SPC: Who is palmer//harding designed for?

PH: We have customers of all ages, but if i had to say who the palmer//harding woman was it would be an independent women over 35, confident in her style and personality, with a lifestyle that requires a certain pragmatic elegance.

SPC: What three words would you use to describe the brand?

PH: emotive, romantic, modern

SPC: What can we expect to see in your spring 2015 collection during London Fashion Week?

PH: More femininity, an exploration into the social ideals of youth and the phases beauty goes through as we age.

SPC: What are you most looking forward to with this upcoming show?

PH: Working with my long time friends from Texas, such as Susan Posnick, Jan Strimple and Neil Diaz.

SPC: Why did you feel working with Susan Posnick Cosmetics and having Susan style your show was a great fit?

PH: We appreciate people and brands for their ethos and standards, Susan has an incredible outlook on life and work, and it shows in the quality of her cosmetics. It’s honest, jovial and simply beautiful.

SPC: What are the key trends and styles of the fall collection from Palmer/Harding?

PH: The white shirt is always a must for us!

SPC: What are a few must-have pieces from fall 2014?

PH: I personally love the cropped shredded jersey jumper in black. (short haired girl with the beige embroidered skirt in the catwalk images).

SPC: What will you be wearing this fall season?

PH: palmer//harding menswear of course!

SPC: Where can one shop for Palmer/Harding?

PH: We are launching an e-commerce during London Fashion Week, but if you require it before you can buy it at Ikram Chicago, Louis Boston, Betty Reiter in Dallas, or Curve in LA and New York.

SPC: Where are your favorite places to travel?

PH: Italy, Amalfi Coast, Stockholm, Texas

SPC: What are three things you couldn’t live without?

PH: My Lap Top, persimmons, friends and family.

SPC: What’s a typical day in the life like at the palmer//harding office?

PH: Work at 9:00, a whirlwind of activity from design, pattern cutting, managing our team of lovely interns, cook lunch, email press and production, gym at 6:00 then off after 8:00 or 9:00 pm, but this time of year we are working till midnight.

SPC: What is true beauty to you?

PH: confidence in yourself, a genuine smile, a warm giving heart.

Elle Magazine – Colorflo Bronzer

elle magazine   Elle Magazine calls our COLORFLO Bronzer “a dream” saying “not only will it give your skin a natural-looking glow, it also protects against both UVA and UVB rays and absorbs excess oil on your face.”  Get the perfect weekly glow and protection from the summer sun with this fantastic product.  Shop it here.

How to Get Fabulous Lashes



Here are a few tips to keep your lashes in the BEST shape!

1. Never rub or pull lashes – use a gentle eye makeup remover

2. If you use an eyelash curler- NEVER pull on your eyelids

3. Make sure the eyelashes are still wet if you comb through them to remove clumps

4. Condition your lashes – you can even use simple treatments like Vaseline

5. Biotin helps with healthy lashes. Eat foods like banana, beans, eggs, lentils, and more

6. Omega 3 helps with shine. Find it in eggs, salmon, tuna, etc.

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