How many times have you reached for your mascara, only to find that it’s coated in pink shimmery eye shadow? Pink shimmery eye shadow that you wore once – in 2007. Though it may not be time for spring cleaning, it’s never a bad time to give your makeup bag a makeover. We’re talking about items that are old, spilling and broken, or no longer relevant to your routine. Here are a few steps to make the overhaul easier.

Clean Your Makeup Bag

1. Gather all your cosmetics into one pile. That’s right. Anything you use to primp yourself – be it the volumizer spray stuffed in your shelf or the motley assortment of items inhabiting the bottom of your purse. Decide what you regularly use and what’s expired. Do you ever wear that drugstore lip plumper? That hair spray is from 5 years ago; is it still good? If you’re confused about how long items last, consult our list below:

– Mascara: 3-6 months
– Powder-based products (eye shadow, blush, etc.): 2-3 years or until it cakes when applied
– Foundation: Up to 1 year
– Lipstick: 1-2 years or until it gets too dry
– Eyeliner or lip liner: Up to 3 years
– Hair products and body lotions: Check for expiration dates, but use your own discretion

2. Divide the items into what you use for the weekends, weekdays, or will never wear again. Reserve the weekday items for your makeup bag. Place the weekend items in a spot with more space. As for the expired or never-again items, trash them. But for future use, consider only buying products that are multi-purpose – it’s a way to keep your beauty simple and think green.

3. Once you’ve figured out which items are worthy of living in your bag, clean them up! Use a disinfecting wipe or towel soaked in water and a little alcohol to rid them of all that spilled makeup. Brushes and other beauty tools should be washed every two weeks, using a cleanser or warm water mixed with a pinch of shampoo.

Did we miss any tips? Let us know what you use to keep your makeup bag and routine up-to-date!