Remember watching your mother pull a tube of lipstick out of her purse just before you were about to go somewhere together? She would open the cap and slowly twist it up out of the container, then gingerly apply the color to her lips, rub them together and blot on whatever receipt or napkin or useless piece of paper was nearby. And as you would sit and watch her you would think dreamily, “I can’t wait until I can wear lipstick too…”

This Ain't Your Momma's Lipstick

It’s a staple memory in almost every little girl’s life. But in that memory her lipstick wasn’t dry and it didn’t make her feel like an 85-year-old grandmother. It wasn’t shiny and sticky like lip gloss either, and you never saw your mother’s hair get caught in it when the wind blew. It was simply the perfect finishing touch that made her look like the woman you hoped to be one day.

Maybe it’s the elegance of lipstick. You’ve seen the women in old movies, sitting in front of their mirrors slowly adding that pop of color to their lips before a big date. Even if you haven’t seen Grace Kelly dab some color to her lips, maybe you’ve seen the retro beauties of Mad Men create the perfect pout for those sexy ad execs. And at some point, you thought to yourself, “they just don’t make ‘em like they used to,” (whether you’re talking about the men or the lipstick is a toss up, but I digress…).

The trouble these days is finding a lipstick that is as amazing as your little girl self dreamed it up to be, and as elegant as they made it in the movies. Well, not anymore.

Susan Posnick Cosmetics COLORESSENTIAL lipstick is the lipstick you’ve been searching for. It’s creamy and light, enriched with olive oil, minerals, vitamins A and E, pomegranate (which, as a natural antioxidant, protects the lips from free radicals!) and Paracress— a sustainable plant with antioxidant properties that continually rehydrate the lips and reduce the appearance of fine lines! Still not sold? With fifteen shades – three in each color family – it takes the guesswork out and complements every skin tone.

And as a finishing touch (and my personal favorite quality), the magnetic closure keeps the cap secure, so no more lost caps and ruined lipsticks and purse linings!

So if you want to add that womanly elegance to your lips while keeping that young-at-heart feeling, grab one of SPC’s COLORESSENTIAL lipsticks!