Kim Kardashian Hits The Highlights With ColorCORRECT


Kim Kardashian Susan Posnick Cosmetics Colorcorrect ConcealerEvery mom-to-be has that special glow, but how is it that Kim Kardashian seems to have an extra dose these days? Shortly returning from a trip to sunny Greece, Kim Kardashian is exceptionally radiant. The secret to her goddess-like appearance? Celebrity makeup artist, Joyce Bonelli, who created the look for Kardashian says it’s Susan Posnick’s ColorCORRECT highlighting pencil.

ColorCORRECT is a dual-sided pencil that offers brightening & correcting. The creamy duo offers the perfect combination to bring your face into its best shape. ColorCORRECT is available for $22.00 at Susan Posnick.

For the more information, read the full article at Hollywood Life.

In Silence

In Silence

I am about to embark on a journey unlike any I have known before. I am going to a silent meditation retreat for 10 days to find that place of quiet within.  The thought of not having a phone, a computer, music, books, or anyone to talk with, are terrifying to me. I have become so accustom to distractions, and always being busy, but I am ready to be centered again and to have absolute clarity in both my business and personal life.  This is a time to rekindle my creative energies, which get pushed to the sidelines somewhat when running a business.  What do I envision for innovative products for Susan Posnick Cosmetics, what is the future of the company, and for me personally?  I expect to have those answers and much more when I return home.  I will write about my experience when I get back.  Hopefully, what I share will open doors for others.

Regain Color Courage

When did becoming an adult and “growing up” take on such a serious face? One of my first love affairs was with makeup colors. Recalling the rush of shopping with my mother for eye shadows that would make a nun blush and then dashing home to try them on still gives me goose bumps. I am not sure what ended my romance with fun makeup colors, but I know this is something that most women experience.

As “grownups” we find ourselves reaching for the same muted colors, because in some way we have become scared to be bold. Today is the day to let your inner free spirit loose and indulge in the stunning colors the world of makeup and beauty has to offer!

A luscious lavender hue to the lids like Susan Posnick’s Amethyst/Opal COLOREYEDEFINE  will have you feeling young again and fiercely fabulous.