Applying Makeup without Mirror


Recently, Susan Posnick’s COLORME Blush was included in essentials for “Applying Makeup Without a Mirror.”  Susan’s friend actually alerted her that it was playing in an NYC Taxi!  If you’re in NYC, let us know if you spot this video. The article asks, “is it really possible to apply makeup without a mirror?”  The answer is YES – if you have the right products. We’re thrilled our COLORME blush was included as a great product for on-the-go makeup application. Tonya Riner, makeup artist and co-founder of Beauty For Real, listed our blush as one of her top five favorites!

Watch the video here.

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Michelle Obama Takes The Lead On Healthy Living

Michelle Obama leads by example in a student relay race.

Michelle Obama leads by example in a student relay race.


It’s said that behind every great man, there’s a great woman. In the case of America’s President Barack Obama and First Lady, Michelle Obama- it’s easy to see this brainy beautiful walks right in stride beside her husband. In fact, she may be jogging.

While her well-executed style has landed her in the style section of almost every fashion publication, what makes Michelle Obama beautiful isn’t what designer frock she puts on it her legendary sculpted arms- its the organizations and causes she commits her life to that makes her beautiful to us.

Her leading initiative Let’s Move! aims to prevent childhood obesity by introducing and encouraging an active lifestyle. The organization also targets healthy diets through partnerships with food providers, retailers & celebrity chefs.  This cause can shape- literally- the health & lives of America’s future.

And we think that is a beautiful thing.

Read more about Let’s Move! and find out how you can help kickstart towards a healthier tomorrow.



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Susan Posnick in Cosmopolitan



You don’t want to miss BRUSH ON BLOCK featured in the August issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.  One reader asked how they might prevent a sunburned scalp.  Thankfully, it’s not just with a hat! If you are worried about your hair part, Susan (and Cosmo) suggest protecting your scalp with BRUSH ON BLOCK!

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