A Bronze Holiday with Susan Posnick

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We’re dreaming of a bronze holiday this year.  Here are some essentials to keep your holiday season merry, WARM, and bright with Susan Posnick Cosmetics.

For Blush – Try COLORME in Lotus Sun

For the Face - Try COLORFLO Bronzer

For Sparkle- Try COLORFLO Shimmer

For the Lips- Try COLORESSENTIAL in Marrakesh

For the Eyes- Try COLOREYEDEFINE in Bronze Liner and Copper Shadow

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COLORESSENTIAL – all about lips!



We’re all about LIPS this holiday season at Susan Posnick.  Choose your color to make a bold statement at any holiday party.

They are the perfect stocking stuffer too!  Take a trip with one of our COLORESSENTIAL lipsticks – from coral, to pink, to red, to berry, shop the full collection here.

Popular holiday colors?  Try a rich berry rather than a red this year! 




A Special December Beauty Promotion!


There’s still time to get the GLOW! Look your best with friends and family this week.  Your gift with any online purchase of $25 or more from Susan Posnick includes a mini-pot of shimmer and a kabuki brush – plus FREE holiday shipping! Simply use our promo code HOLIDAY.

Start shopping now. 


Holiday Tips to De-Stress


It’s that time of year again ( though not sure how we got here so fast)- the holidays.  The time of year when everyone is supposed to be full of good cheer, but instead there is so much to do- all you want it is a beer ;)

Since that’s usually not the best option- especially in the middle of the day, here are some alternative healthy recommendations.

If you’re at your desk, every few hours, STOP for 2 minutes and breathe. Close your eyes and quietly breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. You will feel refreshed and focused again.

Get up and walk around. Stretch out for neck, your back, your hands- and give your eyes a rest from the computer.

Stop what you’re doing and put in your earbuds in and listen to a little bit of soul music- even if it’s just one song. Who cares if you sing along, it’s an instant mood changer.

Stuck in traffic –  Slowly take in 5 deep breathes and even more slowly, release them. REPEAT.
Getting anxious doesn’t get you there any quicker.

Plan your days and make lists. With the extra hours added in each day for gift shopping, cooking, parties;  not to mention wanting  to fit in exercise – planning your time wisely is a must. It will help you avoid that last- minute panic of what to buy for whom, what to wear to which party, how am I going to get everything done.

Treat yourself to a blowdry. You’ll get to sit and relax for a bit- and you walk out with great looking hair.