My Snowy Trip to NYC

1. susan posnick

Susan Posnick Cosmetics  event  at the SETAI Sports Club & Spa: January 21, 2014. Great turnout although I almost didn’t get there because of the snowstorm!


Last week, I arrived in NYC the day before the UNEXPECTED snowstorm hit.  Hence, my first stop was to buy snow boots as I knew I’d be all over the city and I’d need to keep my feet warm and dry!  I had breakfast and lunch meetings with editors from Lucky magazine, Elle,, and more.  And, of course, I ate my way through the city……… 

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4. susan posnick

New Yorkers are amazing- very little keeps them down and I only had one meeting that was canceled!

On Tuesday and Wednesday evening, I had two events: The Setai and at Equinox – both were successful!  Neither snow, nor sleet, nor hail will keep women away from makeup!

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6. susan posnick

I was able to enjoy late evenings by the fire at the Greenwich Hotel – devouring the sheep’s milk ricotta that’s brought in from Italy every few days (for those foodies).

7. equinox 2


NYC event at Equinox  74th & 2nd: January 22,2014/ Women were getting makeovers with their coats on, as the heat was out- Brrrrrr…….

Both events were very successful. The women loved the simplicity of Susan Posnick.


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9. equinox


Until next time,


Warm Up With Color




Yes, it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a bit of color for a pick-me-up.  With our COLORFLO Shimmer and a warm shade of COLORME paired with a COLORESSENTIAL lipstick in Boca, Miami, or South Beach, you’ll be thinking about the warmth of the beach in no time.  Even if you skip the shimmer and blush, a bright lipstick can give even the dullest winter a skin a lift and bit of glow.  The biggest issue you’ll have, is choosing just one color!  Shop them here.

Beauty Tip: Egg Whites!



AN INSTANT LIFT: one of our favorite beauty tips here at Susan Posnick Cosmetics is using EGG WHITES to tighten skin.  Yes, they really work!  For a quick at-home remedy, apply an egg whites to the face for instant tightening.  You can apply it under the eyes as well.  Use it under your favorite moisturizer at night and wake up to beautiful skin.

What are some of your favorite at-home beauty remedies?

Susan Posnick Shares Makeup Tips with Glamour Magazine



Emma Stone wearing jewel tones

Susan shared these winter makeup tips with glamour magazine:

  • Holiday Beauty: Swap Bold Neutrals for Pops of Color

    “Coral lip colors are just as appropriate for the holidays as the beach if you pair them with the right dress and jewel-tone eyeliner. Take a turquoise, emerald, or amethyst liner under the bottom lashes and extend it out and up,” says celebrity makeup artist Susan Posnick. Keep the lid matte, so you get just that pop of color. “It goes great with a black dress—and lots of mascara, of course.”


Read the full article on here.




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