Golden Glow



from top left: COLORME Lotus Sun,  COLORESSENTIAL In BocaCOLOREYEDEFINE Bronzer Liner/Copper Shadow

Warm up with some ginger and coral colors for spring.  A golden glow can’t come soon enough!  We are loving COLORME in Lotus, COLORESSENTIAL in Boca, and our Bronzer Liner and Copper Shadow in COLOREYEDEFINE. We’re ready for that beach glow .. NOW.

Sun Protection in Style

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My favorite place to be is on the beach and it is a cruel twist of fate that I have been addressing skin cancer issues for the last 15 years. Fortunately, because of nature and science, today I can once again be by the sea with caution, but without fear.  For that sun-kissed skin, I reach for my Susan Posnick COLORFLO Foundation and Bronzer, so I look like I belong. COLORFLO provides natural water-resistant dry sun protection in a self-dispensing brush, so I can apply it throughout the day.

My neck, décolletage, hands and legs get BRUSH ON BLOCK – providing me with invisible water-resistant sun protection.  On my head, is a wide brimmed hat with an SPF 50 coating and I’m wearing one of the many great styles from Sunkissed Girls sun protection clothing.

Okay, so I’m not in an itsy, bitsy bikini anymore, but I probably shouldn’t be anyway!



A Spring Glow

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It seems like we can finally look to spring – with temperatures warming up a bit and clothing racks filled with the perfect skirts and cropped jackets in bright hues and florals.  As for makeup, we’re feeling the GLOW here at Susan Posnick Cosmetics.  We’re all about glowing skin and finding the perfect blush and lipstick when it comes to spring beauty.   So, what do you need exactly?



– For Cheeks: COLORME in Lilly

susan posnick

Finding the Perfect Red Lipstick

red lipstick


We’re all about finding the perfect Valentine’s Day RED this month!  Susan has a few tips to share on how you can find the perfect red:

1. For Olive Skin: Olive skin tones are the most versatile with regard to wearing different shades. When it comes to reds however, you should stick to and rich, red shades and bronze reds.  My COLORESSENTIAL lipsticks in Paris and London are the perfect shades for you.

2. For Medium Skin: If you have a medium skin tone,  stick with red-berry shades and brick reds. COLORESSENTIAL in Milan is the perfect modern red.

3. For Dark Skin: If you have dark skin, you want to use rich, vibrant colors. Think reds with a hint of plum, burgundy, fuchsia, and tangerine.  COLORESSENTIAL in Tokyo or Rio are perfect.

Everyone can wear a classic French red, like Susan Posnick COLORESSENTIAL in Paris.  Simply dot it on and blend with your fingertip. It works as a lip tint (think bee stung lips) or you can go full on red. Another option for a brighter red is to blend a red lip pencil with your red lipstick for an intense, rich red that lasts.  Apply the Rouge side of the COLORDUO lip pencil.


Susan Posnick for Valentine’s Day on

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We’re thrilled to see Susan Posnick Cosmetics featured on the for Valentine’s Day!  For flirty makeup ideas, Examiner recommends our COLORESSENTIAL lipstick! “Choose from three bold red hues and make an impression this Valentine’s Day. Show off your true Parisian 1940’s glam in Paris, a classic red with a new retro twist. Head to Tokyo with a red for the woman, who keeps her thoughts and emotions close to her heart, but can’t help but be noticed. And mirror the classic sophistication of Italy’s fashion capital, Milan, with a rich red.”  And, to brighten dull winter skin, add a touch of COLORFLO Shimmer!   They all make great gifts too.


Check out the FULL article on here.

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