We’re Blushing This Mother’s Day



We are just a few days away from the month of May and some of the prettiest bouquets of spring – peonies!  With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we thought it would be wonderful to create a bouquet of some of our favorite spring hues from Susan Posnick Cosmetics.  These items are also sure to make great gifts for the upcoming holiday that celebrates mom. What are our picks for the perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas? We love COLORFLO Shimmer for the perfect spring and summer glow (did you know it offers sun protection as well?) and COLORME blush in the shade of Peony of course.  As for the eyes, shop COLOREYEDEFINE in Smokey and Rose Quartz and lip colors from COLORESSENTIAL in the shades of Dallas, LA, and Shanghai. 

We love this look: Lily Aldridge



We loved this image Vogue.com recently published of the beautiful Lily Aldridge.  This look is clean, simple, and fresh – perfect for spring!  It’s also an excellent way to emanate the “summer nude” look for a fresh faced summer glow. How can one make this look their own?  Susan has shared the perfect essentials to recreate this beauty look.

Bare it for Spring and Summer:

COLORFLO: try M8 for an all-over Golden Bronze Glow

COLORFLO BRONZER: At the base of  the cheekbone, use this bronzer as a blush and sweep it across nose and onto the temples to add dimension to the face.  Use the bronzer as an eyeshadow as well and brush it across the upper lid from the inside corner to the outside corner, focusing on the base of the brow bone.

COLOREYEDEFINE: dot COLOREYEDEFINE Jet liner on to the upper and lower lashes.  Apply Moonstone shadow to the inside 1/3 of the upper lid – as close to the lash line as possible.

COLORDUO: Dot the COLORDUO lip pencil in nude on to the lips and blend it with your finger.

COLORESSENTIAL: layer the COLORESSENTIAL lipstick in Dubai on the top.

Five reasons why you need COLORFLO in your makeup bag this summer!

Planning ahead for summer vacation and need to decide what cosmetics are right for a

warm climate? Whether you want to hide imperfections, sunspots or even out your

skintone, there is no better foundation to use than COLORFLO! This light mineral

foundation is simply the best when it gets to that time of the year when we are going on

our summer holidays but dread going completely make-up free.


1. The ingredients are 100% natural – perfect for people with sensitive skin!

COLORFLO is filled with plenty of minerals and vitamins that will benefit your

skin, more so than no application at all.


2. COLORFLO is a natural sun protector that contains SPF therefore it can be safely

worn when your skin is exposed to the sun. However, is also advised to use a high protection sun cream as a

base, prior to COLORFLO application to maximise your skin’s protection.


3. This foundation is light and gentle, leaving your skin able to breathe and not clogging pores.


4. With several different shades to match every skin tone this really leaves your skin looking natural and feeling

smooth ready to face the day!


5. Most importantly this foundation is water and sweat resistant ideal for those hot destinations and sun exposure.

For more Susan Posnick summer makeup bag essentials visit us at www.theapothecaries.com!



Thanks to Sasha Beesley from The Apothecaries for this guest post! 

How To Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

Susan posnick


It’s the perfect time of year to transfer some of that spring cleaning to your makeup bag!  Susan has shared a few tips to keep your makeup bag as fresh as your closet.

1.  MASCARA: Toss mascara that’s over 2 months old.

2. BRUSHES: Be sure to wash your makeup brushes with shampoo and water once a week.

3. MAKEUP: Throw away any crumbly blush, eyeshadow, or broken lipsticks (it’s only a matter of time before they coat everything else)!

4. MAKEUP BAG: Purchase a washable makeup bag and wash it once a month if you travel or at least once per season.



Miranda Kerr – Spring Awakening

miranda kerr

photo from Vogue.com

One of our favorite beauty looks this week was of Miranda Kerr shared by Vogue.com.  Doesn’t this look just sing spring awakening? Kerr’s cheeks bloom and glow with a perfect pink flush and shine. We can’t get enough of the shiny lips and lush lashes. Wondering how you can make this look your own?

Susan shares some simple ways to master this gorgeous spring look with Susan Posnick Cosmetics:

- Face: After using your perfect shade of COLORFLO, finish off with SHIMMER over the entire face.

- Cheeks: There’s a soft pink blush on her cheeks.  Be sure to apply blush on the apple of the cheek – light, fresh, and bright!  Try COLORME in Peony. 

- Brows: This look requires fresh groomed brows, feel free to lightly shape them with a brow pencil.

- Eyes: Try a bronze, copper.  The eyes in this look are defined, but not colored.  A perfect pair would be COLOREYEDEFINE in Bronze/Copper and Black/Jet Moonstone. 

- Mascara: LOTS of mascara, lots of lashes.  Really amp up the eyes and go a little bit overboard on the mascara.  This look is lush.

- Lips: Lips are a vibrant pink, but not neon. Try COLORESSENTIAL in Shanghai. 

Susan Posnick Beauty Promotion – April In Paris

susan posnick

Don’t miss our special April promotion this month: April in Paris!  Purchase a COLORESSENTIAL lipstick in Paris and receive a COLORDUO lip chubby as our gift (a $24 value)!! This offer expires 4.30.14.  There’s nothing quite like saying hello to April showers with perfectly beautiful red lips.   Start shopping here.