What The Shape Of Your Lipstick Says About You

Did you know the shape of your lipstick just might stand as a personality test? Here are some of the things we’ve learned when it comes to judging someone by the shape of their COLORESSENTIAL lipstick.


SLANT – close to original shape


You are someone who abides by the rules. You walk the line. You don’t like too much attention and are a bit self-conscious and reserved. You are quite schedule driven! You may occasionally want to attract attention – but it’s through new outfits or changing your hair.





You are someone who is very to the point! You are dependable and even-tempered. You have high morals, are quick-minded, and love a great challenge. You are very careful about your appearance.




You are very opinionated and high-spirited. You are very careful and selective about your friends. You dislike schedules! You are very outgoing and love attention. You can be quite argumentative. The sharper the point, the more ambitious this wearer is.




You are a great detective! You easily make friends and are inquisitive. You are very adventurous and complex. You love excitement.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 4.30.09 PM



You are spiritual and curious. You can have a big ego at times and you seek attention. You can be mysterious – but you have a deep love for life. You are a woman who knows what they want and are single-minded about getting it. Double-edged swords value loyalty and are nurturing- but be careful of crossing them.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 4.30.59 PM



You are very creative and talkative. You love attention and are energetic and enthusiastic. You are helpful and fall in love easily.


red lipstick vector



You are loveable! You’re family-oriented and domestic – a “doer”. You can be stubborn over little things and can be prone to exaggerate. You like having people around and often need others around.


Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 4.34.13 PM



You are easy-going and a peacemaker who’s even tempered. You are steady, likeable, and generous!



Did we miss a shape? Let us know!


photos: justfab

Beauty Tip: The Many Uses of Coconut Oil



One of my favorite items on my beauty counter is coconut oil. This product is good for just about everything.  Whether I’m at home or traveling, I am never without organic coconut oil. I use it primarily as a body moisturizer and cook with it, but from time to time I have also used it to remove makeup- including eye makeup. I have also rubbed it into my cuticles and on my feet before bed for extra moisture.  It’s great to apply a small amount to your hair to get rid of fly-aways. And, the best part? It smells so good!  It’s a great massage oil as well.  Do you use coconut oil?



What To Take On A Winter Ski Trip


Elle Macpherson – ski chic

If you are heading on a winter getaway where you will be spending time outdoors (whether it’s skiing or a winter hike), we’ve included the must-haves when it comes to packing for your trip with Susan Posnick Cosmetics.  If you are looking to keep things simple, we suggest COLORFLO and COLORME. Our COLORFLO foundation makes it easy to protect your skin from the sun.  Pop it in the pocket of your ski jacket for  instant on-the-go radiant skin and SPF. COLORME is the perfect way to add a dash of color to your cheeks, lips, and even to warm up the eye area and other parts of the face.

2015: A New Year – A Fresh Look



Looking to update your look this year? We have the perfect fresh look.  Susan has compiled a brand new color chart for spring just for you!

Get this look:

Face:  COLORFLO foundation in the appropriate color
COLORCORRECT pencil to highlight and conceal

Cheeks:  COLORME Lilly
  COLORFLO foundation in M8 to contour

Eyes:  Apply  COLOREYEDEFINE  shadow  in rose quartz on the eyelid up to the crease
Smudge COLOREYEDEFINE smokey quartz  liner close to the lashes  at top & bottom to frame the eye.  Then use as a shadow  on the outside 1/3 of the upper lid. Blend onto the brow bone.  Apply  COLOREYEDEFINE gold shadow on the inside corners at top and bottom.  Line the waterline in COLOREYEDEFINE platinum liner. Finish with COLORCOATED mascara in black.

Lips:   Dab COLORESSENTIAL London on the lips, applying more in the center for a luxurious pout