colorme orchid 1


We have 5 quick Susan Posnick cosmetics we’d like to tell you a little bit more about – and why they’re perfect for your fall cosmetic bag!

1. COLORME in Orchid: COLORME cheek color in ORCHID is a beautiful mulberry wash, giving an exotic bloom to the skin. (Inspired by Scarlett Johansson)  Yes, your makeup bag is begging for this particular cheek flush – trust us!

colorflo shimmer 3


2. COLORFLO Shimmer: Sometimes, don’t you just look at a complexion and wonder how it gets that GLOW?  Well, COLORFLO Shimmer can certainly help!  In the fall, get that soft autumn glow – candlelight adores this product!

COLOREYEDEFINE bronze copper 2


3. COLOREYEDEFINE in Bronze Liner/Copper Shadow: If your eyes need a LIFT, why don’t you try our Bronze Liner and Copper Shadow duo? This will give your eyes just the right amount of sparkle and it’s certainly in the perfect autumn hue.

coloressential london


4. COLORESSENTIALS in London: Our COLORESSENTIAL lip colors look gorgeous on everyone!  They blend to you and the personal coloring of your lips! The shade London is the quintessential bronzed berry, wonderfully classic and very wearable.

colorcorrect 5


5. COLORCORRECT: Sure, no one is perfect, but you can certainly obtain an illusion of perfection with COLORCORRECT – our fabulous cheek and eye brightening duo.  This little piece of magic can really cover up or enhance ANYTHING!