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My own makeup drawer before & after

So the BIG chill in the air is gone and spring has sprung, and it’s time to clean out the cobwebs and your home.

A good place to start might be your makeup drawer.

  1. I suggest emptying everything out, giving the drawer and the baskets or containers you keep your makeup in, a good cleaning.
  2. Next step, see exactly what is in there.
  3. If it’s THAT lipstick you had to have in 2010, which probably smells a little odd by now, and haven’t put on since- TRASH IT!
  4. Mascara that got tossed in the drawer because it thickened up, and you thought that if by magic  putting it in the drawer would fix it,  and it’s been open for longer than 3 months, say goodbye. Mascara once opened, is a breeding ground for bacteria. May I suggest going forward you wear Susan Posnick COLORCOATED mascara. It won’t thicken up, smudge or flake, has peptides in it to promote healthy lashes, and it is designed to last 2 1/2 -3 months and it’s empty.
  5. Cream blush that shows oil from your fingers- say bye. Powder blush that gets that ‘crusty’ topping,  if you can’t remember when you bought, toss it. If it’s less than 2 years old- scrape off the dark area with a knife and you are good to go.
  6. Eyeshadows, probably last the longest, but if it’s a “what was I thinking” color- share it with a friend, unless they have that “what were you thinking” look on their face.
  7. Skincare- once opened,  should not be kept longer than 18 months. I’m as guilty as you are in that department. I try something for a while, think there is something better out there, and put it in my drawer instead of tossing it out.

The purging actually feels good, and you rediscover makeup you forgot you had, that you can still use.

Those things you do keep, wipe down the cases.

Now that everything  is fresh again, it almost feels  like you’ve been on a makeup shopping spree, but without spending any money!

Mothers Day !

Mothers Day !

On April 19, 2015 my only child Hannah married her beloved Jon. The years have flown by much too quickly, something that every mom hears. Take heed, I speak the truth.

Throughout the journey there are times of much laughter and much pride, and there are times of sacrifice and great challenge; like when your daughter goes to school one morning at about the age of 13 and you wonder who came home that day and lived in your house for the next 8 years!

That time passes thank goodness, and they continue to grow and the mother- daughter bond becomes stronger.
Nothing prepares you however for the tremendous joy a mother feels knowing that her daughter has found a partner who loves & cherishes her, and will take good care of her.

At my daughter’s wedding, in addition to being the mother of the bride, I was honored to be her matron of honor, and have gained a wonderful son.

I eagerly await the time the circle of life continues, as my daughter Hannah becomes a mom.

Happy Mother’s Day !!!

FYI – I can personally testify that our COLORCOATED mascara really is tear proof!


Might Melanoma Someday Soon Be a Thing of the Past?

Skin Cancer Awareness month maybe over, but the incidence of skin cancer is rising dramatically among young people. I know at 18 you think it can’t happen to you—well it doesn’t have to.

As many of you know, I am a skin cancer survivor.  It is, in fact, what made me change my career from painting famous faces to developing healthy products with sun protection for the entire family.  In most cases, skin cancer is preventable; simply by wearing sunscreens—zinc oxide and titanium dioxide being the most effective and healthy offerings on the market and trying to stay covered in the heat of the day.

 Brush on Block

According to a recent article I found at Skin Inc. researchers at Yale University School of Medicine have found a virus capable of killing melanoma cells.  The virus is called vesicular stomatitis or VSV, and it appears that this virus is highly competent at finding, infecting and killing human melanoma cells while having little likelihood to infect non-cancerous cells.  All testing to date has been done in labs and not on humans, but this is extremely encouraging news in the battle against melanoma, the most deadly of skin cancers.

Until scientist find a preventable cure, we can fight skin cancer by using healthy products such as Susan Posnick COLORFLO and BRUSH ON BLOCK , which make it easy to protect your skin—even when on the go—and it may save your life.



In Silence

In Silence

I am about to embark on a journey unlike any I have known before. I am going to a silent meditation retreat for 10 days to find that place of quiet within.  The thought of not having a phone, a computer, music, books, or anyone to talk with, are terrifying to me. I have become so accustom to distractions, and always being busy, but I am ready to be centered again and to have absolute clarity in both my business and personal life.  This is a time to rekindle my creative energies, which get pushed to the sidelines somewhat when running a business.  What do I envision for innovative products for Susan Posnick Cosmetics, what is the future of the company, and for me personally?  I expect to have those answers and much more when I return home.  I will write about my experience when I get back.  Hopefully, what I share will open doors for others.

Regain Color Courage

When did becoming an adult and “growing up” take on such a serious face? One of my first love affairs was with makeup colors. Recalling the rush of shopping with my mother for eye shadows that would make a nun blush and then dashing home to try them on still gives me goose bumps. I am not sure what ended my romance with fun makeup colors, but I know this is something that most women experience.

As “grownups” we find ourselves reaching for the same muted colors, because in some way we have become scared to be bold. Today is the day to let your inner free spirit loose and indulge in the stunning colors the world of makeup and beauty has to offer!

A luscious lavender hue to the lids like Susan Posnick’s Amethyst/Opal COLOREYEDEFINE  will have you feeling young again and fiercely fabulous.


Brighten Your Look: Demolish Dark Circles

During a lunch date with a girlfriend last week, I leaned in to her and said in a quiet, concerned tone “Is everything OK? You look really tired and worn out.” She was shocked (to say the least) because she said she felt great—fabulous even! She excused herself from the table to go splash some water on her face. When she returned from the ladies’ room, she knew what I was talking about.

Susan Posnick Cosmetics Demolish Dark Circles Color Correct

There on her face, under her big brown eyes, sat two huge bags that looked like a couple of last season’s Pradas. She assured me that sleep was not the issue, and her stress level was nothing to worry about.


Fantaseyes: Your Perfect Shadow

Have you ever noticed how the colors you wear change the look of your eyes, making them more sultry or vibrant? Just like the clothing you wear, eye shadow can work wonders to enhance and brighten your eyes. Makeup artists have been using this trick for years to really make eyes sparkle.

Fantaseyes: Your Perfect Shadow

It’s as simple as choosing the right shade of shadow based on your eye color and the look you want to achieve – whether it be a dark, dramatic smoky eye or a light, fresh daytime palette.


Susan Posnick’s Story: Survival and Success

Susan Posnick has been in the beauty business since the days of perms and Pretty in Pink. Suffice to say, a lot has changed – and she’s been lucky enough to be part of it all. Now she’s filling us in on why she got started, why she stuck around, and what’s next for Susan Posnick Cosmetics.

Susan Posnick, CEO

Susan Posnick, CEO

Tell us a little bit about where you’re from and grew up.

I grew up in a big town (small city) in Massachusetts, in a happy home with loving parents and three siblings. I lived in one house, with pretty much the same friends and neighbors through all my formative years, which I believe helped me develop a strong sense of security and become somewhat grounded. From a young age, however, I had a strong sense of curiosity and knew that I would venture out into the world to make my mark.


Sweeten Your Skin

Growing up we all heard it from our mothers: “Chocolate will make you break out and make your skin oily!” I always listened to my mother’s usually wise words, except when it came to the matter of my beloved friend, chocolate.

Sweeten Your Skin!

No matter how bad my day might seem or how yucky I may feel, a rich, decadent piece of dark chocolate always lifts my spirits. We all know during a break up or that dreaded time of the month, a little bite of that faithful food will always cheer us up.


This Ain’t Your Momma’s Lipstick

Remember watching your mother pull a tube of lipstick out of her purse just before you were about to go somewhere together? She would open the cap and slowly twist it up out of the container, then gingerly apply the color to her lips, rub them together and blot on whatever receipt or napkin or useless piece of paper was nearby. And as you would sit and watch her you would think dreamily, “I can’t wait until I can wear lipstick too…”

This Ain't Your Momma's Lipstick

It’s a staple memory in almost every little girl’s life. But in that memory her lipstick wasn’t dry and it didn’t make her feel like an 85-year-old grandmother. It wasn’t shiny and sticky like lip gloss either, and you never saw your mother’s hair get caught in it when the wind blew. It was simply the perfect finishing touch that made her look like the woman you hoped to be one day.

Maybe it’s the elegance of lipstick. You’ve seen the women in old movies, sitting in front of their mirrors slowly adding that pop of color to their lips before a big date. Even if you haven’t seen Grace Kelly dab some color to her lips, maybe you’ve seen the retro beauties of Mad Men create the perfect pout for those sexy ad execs. And at some point, you thought to yourself, “they just don’t make ‘em like they used to,” (whether you’re talking about the men or the lipstick is a toss up, but I digress…).

The trouble these days is finding a lipstick that is as amazing as your little girl self dreamed it up to be, and as elegant as they made it in the movies. Well, not anymore.

Susan Posnick Cosmetics COLORESSENTIAL lipstick is the lipstick you’ve been searching for. It’s creamy and light, enriched with olive oil, minerals, vitamins A and E, pomegranate (which, as a natural antioxidant, protects the lips from free radicals!) and Paracress— a sustainable plant with antioxidant properties that continually rehydrate the lips and reduce the appearance of fine lines! Still not sold? With fifteen shades – three in each color family – it takes the guesswork out and complements every skin tone.

And as a finishing touch (and my personal favorite quality), the magnetic closure keeps the cap secure, so no more lost caps and ruined lipsticks and purse linings!

So if you want to add that womanly elegance to your lips while keeping that young-at-heart feeling, grab one of SPC’s COLORESSENTIAL lipsticks!