Fall Travels with Susan: North Carolina

susan posnick Susan had a fantastic and memorable trip across North Carolina last week. In Raleigh, she spoke with Gene and Julie on Mix 101.5 about all things makeup and fall beauty with Susan Posnick Cosmetics. She also made a visit to the Bailey & Scott boutique in Raleigh and had a wonderful visit with fall makeup tutorials. gene and julie susan posnick

Susan on 101.5 the Gene and Julie Show

susan posnick

Susan in Raleigh

In Raleigh, she hung out with Gene and Julie at Mix 101.5.. They chatted up Susan Posnick, sun protection and beauty tips, took calls from listeners and laughed a lot. Then, she headed to Bailey & Scott for an afternoon of makeup with Raleigh’s finest, assisted by owner Fiquet Bailey and her very pregnant and talented makeup artist Jessica. susan posnick 1

Susan on Charlotte Today




Susan giving a makeup tutorial at a wine bar in Charlotte

In Charlotte, she and Jeffre Scott from his namesake apothecary chatted up fall trends and beauty must- haves on Charlotte Today with host Colleen. After that is was off to the Jeffre Scott Apothecary for a master makeup class- well not exactly at his apothecary, but in the wine shop next door! Susan talked about her line and taught makeup to 10 of Charlotte’s most  beautiful women. What’s better than girls playing makeup and drinking wine? unnamed-1


Susan in Asheville


mother and daughter: Peyton and Campbell in Asheville

Last stop was Asheville- at the peak of autumn. Here she worked her makeup magic at Turner & Scott, making up local Asheville  ladies including mother and daughter Peyton & Campbell. She can’t wait to make a trip back to North Carolina – particularly to revisit the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains.  Thanks to the great staff at each location and to the guests who made this trip such a success!   blue ridge mountain

Blue Ridge Mountains

Susan Posnick Cosmetics Launch at the Park Hyatt New York


park hyatt ny

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Susan Posnick Cosmetics at the Nalia Spa at the Park Hyatt New York.  The spa has incredible views of the city! Susan had a wonderful launch event yesterday evening and celebrated with guests and the staff of the Nalia Spa.  Customers received a gift with purchase and makeovers from Susan. Susan loved doing the makeup of Hollywood Life Beauty Director, Dory Larrabee.


Thank you to everyone who joined us and shared their photos!







park hyatt 4


park hyatt 3


park hyatt 2



London Fashion Week: palmer//harding Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

palmer harding 2014


Save the date for the palmer//harding spring-summer 2015 fashion presentation in London during London Fashion Week.  Susan will be the official makeup artist and Susan Posnick Cosmetics a sponsor for the show on September 14th. In celebration of the event, we’re featuring an exclusive q&a today with the brand’s designers: Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding.

SPC: How did palmer//harding come to be?

PH: Matthew and I met while studying at Central Saint Martins in 2007, we advised on each others projects until we graduated, at which point we we both working freelance. in 2011 we were approached by the ANDAM award in Paris to be a finalist in their prestigious competition. This was the catalyst for us starting palmer//harding.

SPC: When & where did you launch your first collection?

PH: We launched our first collection as part of The British Fashion Councils NewGen initiative in September 2011 at London Fashion Week.

SPC: Who is palmer//harding designed for?

PH: We have customers of all ages, but if i had to say who the palmer//harding woman was it would be an independent women over 35, confident in her style and personality, with a lifestyle that requires a certain pragmatic elegance.

SPC: What three words would you use to describe the brand?

PH: emotive, romantic, modern

SPC: What can we expect to see in your spring 2015 collection during London Fashion Week?

PH: More femininity, an exploration into the social ideals of youth and the phases beauty goes through as we age.

SPC: What are you most looking forward to with this upcoming show?

PH: Working with my long time friends from Texas, such as Susan Posnick, Jan Strimple and Neil Diaz.

SPC: Why did you feel working with Susan Posnick Cosmetics and having Susan style your show was a great fit?

PH: We appreciate people and brands for their ethos and standards, Susan has an incredible outlook on life and work, and it shows in the quality of her cosmetics. It’s honest, jovial and simply beautiful.

SPC: What are the key trends and styles of the fall collection from Palmer/Harding?

PH: The white shirt is always a must for us!

SPC: What are a few must-have pieces from fall 2014?

PH: I personally love the cropped shredded jersey jumper in black. (short haired girl with the beige embroidered skirt in the catwalk images).

SPC: What will you be wearing this fall season?

PH: palmer//harding menswear of course!

SPC: Where can one shop for Palmer/Harding?

PH: We are launching an e-commerce during London Fashion Week, but if you require it before you can buy it at Ikram Chicago, Louis Boston, Betty Reiter in Dallas, or Curve in LA and New York.

SPC: Where are your favorite places to travel?

PH: Italy, Amalfi Coast, Stockholm, Texas

SPC: What are three things you couldn’t live without?

PH: My Lap Top, persimmons, friends and family.

SPC: What’s a typical day in the life like at the palmer//harding office?

PH: Work at 9:00, a whirlwind of activity from design, pattern cutting, managing our team of lovely interns, cook lunch, email press and production, gym at 6:00 then off after 8:00 or 9:00 pm, but this time of year we are working till midnight.

SPC: What is true beauty to you?

PH: confidence in yourself, a genuine smile, a warm giving heart.

Summer Beauty Picks: COLORESSENTIAL



We loved seeing COLORESSENTIAL in Metro New York‘s favorite summer beauty picks!

COLORCORRECT: “One of the ONLY 5 Makeup Items You Should Have in Your Purse– Ever”

total beauty


Total Beauty lists COLORCORRECT as one of the ONLY five makeup items you should EVER have in your purse! You can use it as concealer or a brightening pencil.  This pencil can fix sunspots, redness, blemishes, and discoloration. Read the full article here.

Susan Posnick for Valentine’s Day on Examiner.com

susan posnick 1


We’re thrilled to see Susan Posnick Cosmetics featured on the Examiner.com for Valentine’s Day!  For flirty makeup ideas, Examiner recommends our COLORESSENTIAL lipstick! “Choose from three bold red hues and make an impression this Valentine’s Day. Show off your true Parisian 1940’s glam in Paris, a classic red with a new retro twist. Head to Tokyo with a red for the woman, who keeps her thoughts and emotions close to her heart, but can’t help but be noticed. And mirror the classic sophistication of Italy’s fashion capital, Milan, with a rich red.”  And, to brighten dull winter skin, add a touch of COLORFLO Shimmer!   They all make great gifts too.


Check out the FULL article on Examiner.com here.

susan posnick 2

My Snowy Trip to NYC

1. susan posnick

Susan Posnick Cosmetics  event  at the SETAI Sports Club & Spa: January 21, 2014. Great turnout although I almost didn’t get there because of the snowstorm!


Last week, I arrived in NYC the day before the UNEXPECTED snowstorm hit.  Hence, my first stop was to buy snow boots as I knew I’d be all over the city and I’d need to keep my feet warm and dry!  I had breakfast and lunch meetings with editors from Lucky magazine, Elle, DailyGlow.com, and more.  And, of course, I ate my way through the city……… 

2. susan posnick


3. susan posnick


4. susan posnick

New Yorkers are amazing- very little keeps them down and I only had one meeting that was canceled!

On Tuesday and Wednesday evening, I had two events: The Setai and at Equinox – both were successful!  Neither snow, nor sleet, nor hail will keep women away from makeup!

5. susan posnick


6. susan posnick

I was able to enjoy late evenings by the fire at the Greenwich Hotel – devouring the sheep’s milk ricotta that’s brought in from Italy every few days (for those foodies).

7. equinox 2


NYC event at Equinox  74th & 2nd: January 22,2014/ Women were getting makeovers with their coats on, as the heat was out- Brrrrrr…….

Both events were very successful. The women loved the simplicity of Susan Posnick.


8. equinox 3


9. equinox


Until next time,


Susan Posnick Shares Makeup Tips with Glamour Magazine



Emma Stone wearing jewel tones

Susan shared these winter makeup tips with glamour magazine:

  • Holiday Beauty: Swap Bold Neutrals for Pops of Color

    “Coral lip colors are just as appropriate for the holidays as the beach if you pair them with the right dress and jewel-tone eyeliner. Take a turquoise, emerald, or amethyst liner under the bottom lashes and extend it out and up,” says celebrity makeup artist Susan Posnick. Keep the lid matte, so you get just that pop of color. “It goes great with a black dress—and lots of mascara, of course.”


Read the full article on Glamour.com here.

Susan Posnick COLOREYEDEFINE Giveaway




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Susan Posnick- Back on HSN Tuesday, August 20th!



Susan will be BACK on HSN next Tuesday, August 20th to talk about BRUSH ON BLOCK!  You don’t want to miss hearing why this product is a must-have from Susan herself! Lose the mess. Lose the hassle. But whatever you do, don’t sacrifice protection. Whether you’re at the beach, hitting the golf course or dining al fresco, this easy refill cartridge combines with your Brush On Block mineral sunscreen brush to protect your skin effortlessly.


Tuesday, August 20th at 5am EST

Tuesday, August 20th at 3 pm EST


Follow more about Susan’s upcoming visit on the HSN channels: