Whether it’s Bordeaux, Marsala, Cinnabar, or Merlot, it’s the rich deep maroons and berries that you’ll want to be wearing on your lips, your clothes and even your eyes this season.

How to wear them? It’s easy with Susan Posnick.

Lips: Make Milan or London your COLORESSENTIAL lipstick. Be bold with it. Line with COLORDUO in rouge.

Take the trend one step further and ombré your lips to make them look even fuller. Apply Milan or London to the outside of the lips and fill in with Rio or COLORDUO in Rouge.

With lips the focus, keep the rest of your makeup soft. Think of a soft mauve (Lilly) or a gentle flush of color (Orchid) on the cheek. Dust an extra layer of COLORFLO over top so the color looks like it comes from the inside.

Eyes: mossy or olive greens like our COLOREYEDEFINE in Jasper. Define the eyes with Jasper as your liner on upper & lower lashes, use the Sandstone shadow over the whole lid for a soft, neutral shimmer.

Want to bump up the look for nighttime? Sweep COLORME Orchid onto the lid as well.As always, a simple, effortless, foolproof way to shift into fall color.




For our Summer Essentials list, we reached out to one of our long-time customers, Christie Seal. We hope you enjoy reading about her favorite summer essentials & learning about her. Like other Susan Posnick fans, her goal is to keep her life as simple & uncluttered as possible, to enjoy her family and to be involved in her community.

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Say hello to Christie Seal

Christie, husband and sonMy life is all I could have imagined and more. I married my love & best friend 12 years ago. We were blessed with our son “Breaker” 2 1/2 years ago and #2 is on the way. I had no idea just how much I would love being a mom and how much busier life would become; all the more reason why I love Susan Posnick Cosmetics. I started using them about the time I met my husband and haven’t worn anything else since. Her products just make sense. I’m 38 years old and often get mistaken for much younger, in large part because of how beautiful my skin looks. Her products make my morning makeup routine easy & COLORFLO provides healthy sun protection. Best of all, they go everywhere with me- even in my backpack when we go hiking and camping!

Some of my go-to summer essentials:

Susan Posnick COLORFLO M8 & Bronzer for sun protection and sun-kissed looking skin.

Mama Mio face wash & wipes- In fact, I use many of their products because I like their ‘no nasties’ promise.

Brush On Block
developed by Susan, for my son & husband. I like that it simply brushes on, is sweat & water resistant and non-greasy.

Sunglasses with good UV protection. Oakley Holbrook Violet Iridium Polarized with Matte black as they extremely durable and fashionable.

HatPeter Grimm ‘ Hannah Sun Hat’

Water Bottle – by S’well.

Currently reading KEEP IT SHUT, when I can squeeze in a few moments. The book gives sound advice about what to say, how to say it and when to say nothing at all. Good lessons for us, don’t you think?


We are excited to announce that we have expanded our product line to include a new COLORFLO Loose Mineral product and a luxurious kabuki brush. This is the same beautiful mineral foundation that provides healthy natural sun protection, in different packaging.
Now women have our original COLORFLO Foundation all in one brush for “on-the-go” and our new COLORFLO Loose Mineral Foundation for “at-home” use.


COLORFLO Loose Mineral Foundation currently comes in our 5 most popular shades:

Kabuki Brush

Our Kabuki Brush is designed to work specifically with our Loose Mineral Foundation to quickly provide complete & beautiful coverage. The brush is extremely soft, dense and luxurious.


Susan Posnick: May Beauty Promotion



We’re celebrating Mother’s Day this month with a special surprise.  Spend $25 this month and receive a free gift from us. You deserve it. Shop now.

Celebrate Earth Day with COLORFLO


We’re celebrating Earth Day with the healthy effects of our COLORFLO foundation. With all natural ingredients, COLORFLO provides powerful and natural sun protection.  You can enjoy your time outdoors while protecting your skin. Our product does not contain any harmful ingredients and is environmentally sensitive. We’ll see you in the sun – Happy Earth Day!







We’re blushing this April with our special promotion. Celebrate this beautiful spring month with COLORME blush in Peony, Lilly, Camelia, Orchid, Ginger, Scarlett and Lotus Sun too! COLORME is on special this month for just $25!

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Valentine’s Day Wish List


If you still haven’t compiled your Valentine’s Day Wish List, we have a few ideas for you.  Go bold with bright red lips from Susan Posnick Cosmetics.  We recommend COLORESSENTIAL in Tokyo.  Get glowing this weekend, with our COLORFLO shimmer that looks particularly beautiful at a candlelight dinner. If you are planning an evening in, we recommend a good book like Jane Austen’s Emma and a warm candle. Wishing you lots of LOVE this month and always.

February 2015 Beauty Special: Love Your Lips



Honoring the month of love, with the purchase of one or more COLORESSENTIAL lipsticks, receive a COLORDUO lip pencil as our gift.  Shop this special promotion here. 

2015: A New Year – A Fresh Look



Looking to update your look this year? We have the perfect fresh look.  Susan has compiled a brand new color chart for spring just for you!

Get this look:

Face:  COLORFLO foundation in the appropriate color
COLORCORRECT pencil to highlight and conceal

Cheeks:  COLORME Lilly
  COLORFLO foundation in M8 to contour

Eyes:  Apply  COLOREYEDEFINE  shadow  in rose quartz on the eyelid up to the crease
Smudge COLOREYEDEFINE smokey quartz  liner close to the lashes  at top & bottom to frame the eye.  Then use as a shadow  on the outside 1/3 of the upper lid. Blend onto the brow bone.  Apply  COLOREYEDEFINE gold shadow on the inside corners at top and bottom.  Line the waterline in COLOREYEDEFINE platinum liner. Finish with COLORCOATED mascara in black.

Lips:   Dab COLORESSENTIAL London on the lips, applying more in the center for a luxurious pout

Susan Posnick Cosmetics: Autumn Berry Color Chart

susan posnick cosmetics austumn

by: Peyton Sands

Looking to update your look for fall? We’ve created the perfect color chart to warm up your hue to the autumn season.  Make this glowing berry look your own by shopping these items: Face - COLORFLO is used as foundation. COLORCORRECT is used to camouflage & highlight  Cheeks- COLORME Orchid

Eyes- Orchid COLORME Blush as base color; apply lightly on lid. Apply COLOREYEDEFINE Jasper close to lashes on top lip and extend past outer corner. Blend Sandstone above Jasper and under the bottom lashes. Use Jasper as a liner over Sandstone under bottom lashes. Apply 2 coats of mascara.