Stay Protected This Summer with Cover Clothing

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Gray Malin for Cover Clothing

As you know, sun protection is extremely important at Susan Posnick Cosmetics. With products like BRUSH ON BLOCK and COLORFLO, you are adding an essential part of sun protection to your daily beauty routine.  We also support other brands who work to keep you safe from the sun’s harmful rays.  One of these brands, is Cover.  Cover is a clothing and swimwear company founded by Lisa Moore and Robyn Stevens in 2007. They were the first to recognize the need for stylish sun protective clothing for women of all ages. As young moms, they spent countless hours in the sun and water protecting their children’s skin, but found limited choices to protect their own. PROTEC SWIM JERSEY® is cover’s own specially constructed fabric made of highly opaque micrfofibers. The UPF 50+ certification means that it blocks 98% of UV rays. Since the protection is physical (not chemical), cover will keep you covered, even with daily wears and washes. Get your cover damp, and it will keep you cool in the hot sun.

We are thrilled to share a Q&A with Lisa Moore of Cover Clothing Today and are in love with their new collaboration with Gray Malin.

cover clothing gray malin

Gray Malin and Cover Clothing

SPC:  How did Cover Swimwear come to be?

Lisa Moore: I found that I was spending countless hours in the sun swimming with my children and couldn’t find a chic, easy solution to keep my skin protected from sun damage.

SPC: How does Cover Swimwear work? How does it protect you versus standard clothing and swimwear?

LM: Protect Swim Jersey is our special fabric weave made of highly opaque microfibers.  It blocks 98% of UV rays.

SPC: How do you protect your skin from the sun?  How will you stay protected this summer?

LM: I don’t need to apply sunscreen to the skin that is covered, but I use SPF 45 on my face, neck, and hands. I also wear hats when in the sun for a prolonged period of time.

SPC: How do you care for Cover Swimwear?

LM: It’s very durable and machine-washable.

cover clothing harpers

Cover Clothing and Harper’s Bazaar

SPC: How has Cover swimwear grown?

LM: We keep innovating.  We are now designing long-sleeved swimsuits and swim leggings. We are also sold at more national retailers.


SPC: What are some new pieces you have this season?

LM: We added short-sleeved swimsuits and leggings this season, as well as limited edition artist prints.


SPC: Tell us about your collaboration with Gray Malin?  Who are those pieces perfect for?

LM: Gray and I are both from Dallas and thought that the themes of our work tie well together.  People that want to find something special and limited in distribution and also have an appreciation for art love the collaboration.


cover clothing spf

 Cover Cape


SPC: If you had one just one essential piece of Cover Swimwear, what would that be?

LM: Our long-sleeved swimsuit.


SPC:  Where are your favorite sunny places to travel?

LM: We spend a lot of time in Carmel – that is my favorite beach destination.


SPC: Describe some of your capsule collections and collaborations? Working with Harper’s Bazaar?

LM: I love working with other creatives. I find that they inspire me in new ways.


SPC: Tell us a little bit about your fall collection and plans for the future!

LM: We are designing new variations, patterns and colors in our best selling swimsuit silhouettes as well and adding some new styles to the mix.


Shop Cover Swimwear here.

Save Your Skin With Brush On Block



Use BRUSH ON BLOCK this spring and summer to help save your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. BRUSH ON BLOCK offers added protection over COLORFLO.  It works on your hands, chest, and is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.  For outdoor fitness and activity, it is also sweat resistant.  May is National Melanoma month.  Use BRUSH ON BLOCK has part of your daily sun protection routine to protect your skin and avoid chemical sunscreens. Utilizing zinc and titanium (mineral based powders) for sun protection is like pulling a shade down in front of the sun.  Unlike chemical sunscreens, mineral based sunscreens are effective immediately.  In addition, Susan recommends wearing sun protection clothing – like Cover Clothing and swimwear -  and hats when outdoors.

Shop BRUSH ON BLOCK here.  How do you protect your skin from the sun?


Susan’s Favorite Green Smoothie

green smoothie

If you are looking for a detox, healthy breakfast, or simply an energizing refresher, try Susan’s favorite green smoothie. With her Magic Bullet Blender, she begins with her Amazing Meal powder.  Amazing Meal combines green superfood with plant based protein, fruits, and vegetables.  It’s a 100% whole food nutrition mix filled with protein and fiber.

She blends this mix with organic Italian kale, cucumber, and summer fresh fruit or organic frozen fruit.   Sometimes, she will blend in almond milk or coconut milk. The fresher the produce, the more delicious this smoothie is.  For hot days, add a bit of crushed ice or extra frozen organic fruit.   And, for an extra immune boost, add cinnamon, turmeric, and flax seed oil.

And, if you are in the market for blenders, Susan highly recommends the Magic Bullet – it’s easy to use and clean!


How To Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

Susan posnick


It’s the perfect time of year to transfer some of that spring cleaning to your makeup bag!  Susan has shared a few tips to keep your makeup bag as fresh as your closet.

1.  MASCARA: Toss mascara that’s over 2 months old.

2. BRUSHES: Be sure to wash your makeup brushes with shampoo and water once a week.

3. MAKEUP: Throw away any crumbly blush, eyeshadow, or broken lipsticks (it’s only a matter of time before they coat everything else)!

4. MAKEUP BAG: Purchase a washable makeup bag and wash it once a month if you travel or at least once per season.



How to Apply COLORFLO



COLORFLO is easy to use and is great for travel.  Not quite sure how to use it?  We’ve shared the steps below!

Shop COLORFLO here. 



1. COLORFLO arrives in CLOSED position.

2. REMOVE cap.

3. SLIDE plastic sleeve all the way down to expose brush hair.

4. TURN bottom of container to LEFT until you FEEL a  CLICK. COLORFLO is now in the OPEN position.

5. Hold the HEAD of the brush down and tap on the fleshy part of the palm … or simply FLICK your wrist to release product.

6. Apply to face

7. Repeat step 5 as needed for additional coverage.

8. SLIDE sleeve 1/2 way up for more precise coverage, especially under eyes and around nose.

9. Turn bottom of container back to the RIGHT to CLOSE (lock) brush.

** If product stops flowing though brush hair, tap bottom of brush on hard surface a few times.




How To Transition Your Look From Winter To Spring


Heat things up with shades of cayenne for spring!  Warm up with COLORME in Ginger (a rosy red brown) and COLORDUO.  For COLORDUO, be sure to apply the rouge side first and nude on top for a matte lip!  As for COLORESSENTIAL, we love Shanghai with a Nude pencil on top for a softer look.  For the eyes, shop COLOREYEDEFINE in smoky quartz/pink quartz – the perfect desert shades.


Top off your look with a bit of COLORFLO Shimmer, the quickest way to take your makeup into spring.  Use COLORFLO Shimmer as an eye shadow as well as to highlight cheekbones, shoulders, and décolletage.  Use a white pencil like COLOREYEDEFINE in platinum under the bottom lashes and on the water line.   This is very on-trend and makes your eyes look BIG and BRIGHT!

Happy weekend,


A Spring Glow

spring 2014 beauty


image via Allure

It seems like we can finally look to spring – with temperatures warming up a bit and clothing racks filled with the perfect skirts and cropped jackets in bright hues and florals.  As for makeup, we’re feeling the GLOW here at Susan Posnick Cosmetics.  We’re all about glowing skin and finding the perfect blush and lipstick when it comes to spring beauty.   So, what do you need exactly?



– For Cheeks: COLORME in Lilly

susan posnick

Finding the Perfect Red Lipstick

red lipstick


We’re all about finding the perfect Valentine’s Day RED this month!  Susan has a few tips to share on how you can find the perfect red:

1. For Olive Skin: Olive skin tones are the most versatile with regard to wearing different shades. When it comes to reds however, you should stick to and rich, red shades and bronze reds.  My COLORESSENTIAL lipsticks in Paris and London are the perfect shades for you.

2. For Medium Skin: If you have a medium skin tone,  stick with red-berry shades and brick reds. COLORESSENTIAL in Milan is the perfect modern red.

3. For Dark Skin: If you have dark skin, you want to use rich, vibrant colors. Think reds with a hint of plum, burgundy, fuchsia, and tangerine.  COLORESSENTIAL in Tokyo or Rio are perfect.

Everyone can wear a classic French red, like Susan Posnick COLORESSENTIAL in Paris.  Simply dot it on and blend with your fingertip. It works as a lip tint (think bee stung lips) or you can go full on red. Another option for a brighter red is to blend a red lip pencil with your red lipstick for an intense, rich red that lasts.  Apply the Rouge side of the COLORDUO lip pencil.


Beauty Tip: Egg Whites!



AN INSTANT LIFT: one of our favorite beauty tips here at Susan Posnick Cosmetics is using EGG WHITES to tighten skin.  Yes, they really work!  For a quick at-home remedy, apply an egg whites to the face for instant tightening.  You can apply it under the eyes as well.  Use it under your favorite moisturizer at night and wake up to beautiful skin.

What are some of your favorite at-home beauty remedies?

Holiday Tips to De-Stress


It’s that time of year again ( though not sure how we got here so fast)- the holidays.  The time of year when everyone is supposed to be full of good cheer, but instead there is so much to do- all you want it is a beer ;)

Since that’s usually not the best option- especially in the middle of the day, here are some alternative healthy recommendations.

If you’re at your desk, every few hours, STOP for 2 minutes and breathe. Close your eyes and quietly breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. You will feel refreshed and focused again.

Get up and walk around. Stretch out for neck, your back, your hands- and give your eyes a rest from the computer.

Stop what you’re doing and put in your earbuds in and listen to a little bit of soul music- even if it’s just one song. Who cares if you sing along, it’s an instant mood changer.

Stuck in traffic –  Slowly take in 5 deep breathes and even more slowly, release them. REPEAT.
Getting anxious doesn’t get you there any quicker.

Plan your days and make lists. With the extra hours added in each day for gift shopping, cooking, parties;  not to mention wanting  to fit in exercise – planning your time wisely is a must. It will help you avoid that last- minute panic of what to buy for whom, what to wear to which party, how am I going to get everything done.

Treat yourself to a blowdry. You’ll get to sit and relax for a bit- and you walk out with great looking hair.