3 Fall Recipes

There’s something about fall that makes us crave a cozy night of r&r.  The perfect weekend?  How about a stay-cation?  We are all about a weekend of beauty.  Try on your favorite beauty mask, take a long hot soak in the tub, and head to the market to try out some new fall recipes.  Here are three we can’t wait to test!



From GOOP: Brown Rice Spaghetti alla Puttanesca


gluten-free and DELICIOUS!

2. Fall Focaccia

From One For The Table: Easy Grape and Rosemary Focaccia




“This is wonderful finger food and a great party appetizer. In the oven, the grapes become lightly roasted, soft and juicy. The contrast of the salt and sweet really make this a winner.” – One for the Table

3.  From SpoonForkBacon: Butternut Squash Cranberry and Goat Cheese Crostini



Delicious autumn flavored crostinis!

A Spring 2014 Runway Beauty Review – Susan Posnick


Carolina Herrera spring 2014 from

We asked Susan to review some of the world’s leading designers for a spring 2014 runway beauty recap!  Susan shared what to expect when it comes to beauty trends.

Here’s the scoop …..


1.       From the DKNY show-

Look for lips and nails in Orange, Tangerine, Pink Grapefruit, Raspberry- bright and ‘tangy.’  Blot the color so it looks more like a richly stained lip.  Eyelid and cheek color is ‘barely there.’


2.       From Marc Jacobs & Nars-

The focus for the eyes is on the liner; think teal, turquoise, emerald, amethyst, electric blue.  In a departure from previous years, think  bright colored liner under the bottom lashes  and inside on the water line-top and bottom. For the more faint of heart, smudge the color under the bottom lashes rather than having a clean line. Keep  the entire upper lid soft in color ( pale coral, pink, putty, white).

wes gordon spring 2014

Wes Gordon spring 2014

3.        From Wes Gordon- young designer in demand

Lots of metallic for spring …. think a sweep of copper, bronze, silver, platinum on the entire lid and nothing more- except mascara. Highlight the cheeks with champagne shimmer ( golden or pink) , keeping the lips in softer shades from shimmery nudes to baby pinks and corals with a hint of shimmer. Easy to translate to ‘real life’.


4.        The Row, J. Mendel, Narciso

These collections all showed that  ‘effortless makeup’ look – neutrals, nudes, bronzed cheeks, with a touch of illumination.  Its all about healthy, glowing skin that appears not to have makeup on at all.




Marc Jacobs spring 2014 from




Applying Makeup without Mirror


Recently, Susan Posnick’s COLORME Blush was included in essentials for “Applying Makeup Without a Mirror.”  Susan’s friend actually alerted her that it was playing in an NYC Taxi!  If you’re in NYC, let us know if you spot this video. The article asks, “is it really possible to apply makeup without a mirror?”  The answer is YES – if you have the right products. We’re thrilled our COLORME blush was included as a great product for on-the-go makeup application. Tonya Riner, makeup artist and co-founder of Beauty For Real, listed our blush as one of her top five favorites!

Watch the video here.

susan posnick colorme

In Silence

In Silence

I am about to embark on a journey unlike any I have known before. I am going to a silent meditation retreat for 10 days to find that place of quiet within.  The thought of not having a phone, a computer, music, books, or anyone to talk with, are terrifying to me. I have become so accustom to distractions, and always being busy, but I am ready to be centered again and to have absolute clarity in both my business and personal life.  This is a time to rekindle my creative energies, which get pushed to the sidelines somewhat when running a business.  What do I envision for innovative products for Susan Posnick Cosmetics, what is the future of the company, and for me personally?  I expect to have those answers and much more when I return home.  I will write about my experience when I get back.  Hopefully, what I share will open doors for others.

Fantaseyes: Your Perfect Shadow

Have you ever noticed how the colors you wear change the look of your eyes, making them more sultry or vibrant? Just like the clothing you wear, eye shadow can work wonders to enhance and brighten your eyes. Makeup artists have been using this trick for years to really make eyes sparkle.

Fantaseyes: Your Perfect Shadow

It’s as simple as choosing the right shade of shadow based on your eye color and the look you want to achieve – whether it be a dark, dramatic smoky eye or a light, fresh daytime palette.


Susan Posnick’s Story: Survival and Success

Susan Posnick has been in the beauty business since the days of perms and Pretty in Pink. Suffice to say, a lot has changed – and she’s been lucky enough to be part of it all. Now she’s filling us in on why she got started, why she stuck around, and what’s next for Susan Posnick Cosmetics.

Susan Posnick, CEO

Susan Posnick, CEO

Tell us a little bit about where you’re from and grew up.

I grew up in a big town (small city) in Massachusetts, in a happy home with loving parents and three siblings. I lived in one house, with pretty much the same friends and neighbors through all my formative years, which I believe helped me develop a strong sense of security and become somewhat grounded. From a young age, however, I had a strong sense of curiosity and knew that I would venture out into the world to make my mark.


Sweeten Your Skin

Growing up we all heard it from our mothers: “Chocolate will make you break out and make your skin oily!” I always listened to my mother’s usually wise words, except when it came to the matter of my beloved friend, chocolate.

Sweeten Your Skin!

No matter how bad my day might seem or how yucky I may feel, a rich, decadent piece of dark chocolate always lifts my spirits. We all know during a break up or that dreaded time of the month, a little bite of that faithful food will always cheer us up.


How To Clean Out Your Makeup Bag

How many times have you reached for your mascara, only to find that it’s coated in pink shimmery eye shadow? Pink shimmery eye shadow that you wore once – in 2007. Though it may not be time for spring cleaning, it’s never a bad time to give your makeup bag a makeover. We’re talking about items that are old, spilling and broken, or no longer relevant to your routine. Here are a few steps to make the overhaul easier.

Clean Your Makeup Bag

1. Gather all your cosmetics into one pile. That’s right. Anything you use to primp yourself – be it the volumizer spray stuffed in your shelf or the motley assortment of items inhabiting the bottom of your purse. Decide what you regularly use and what’s expired. Do you ever wear that drugstore lip plumper? That hair spray is from 5 years ago; is it still good? If you’re confused about how long items last, consult our list below:

– Mascara: 3-6 months
– Powder-based products (eye shadow, blush, etc.): 2-3 years or until it cakes when applied
– Foundation: Up to 1 year
– Lipstick: 1-2 years or until it gets too dry
– Eyeliner or lip liner: Up to 3 years
– Hair products and body lotions: Check for expiration dates, but use your own discretion

2. Divide the items into what you use for the weekends, weekdays, or will never wear again. Reserve the weekday items for your makeup bag. Place the weekend items in a spot with more space. As for the expired or never-again items, trash them. But for future use, consider only buying products that are multi-purpose – it’s a way to keep your beauty simple and think green.

3. Once you’ve figured out which items are worthy of living in your bag, clean them up! Use a disinfecting wipe or towel soaked in water and a little alcohol to rid them of all that spilled makeup. Brushes and other beauty tools should be washed every two weeks, using a cleanser or warm water mixed with a pinch of shampoo.

Did we miss any tips? Let us know what you use to keep your makeup bag and routine up-to-date!

Get Your Best Brow

You like to have things in perfect shape: your body, your home, the silhouette of your favorite dress… and your brows.

Eyebrows are important in contributing to the symmetry of your face and framing those stunning windows to your soul. By the end of this blog you will know exactly how to improve the look of your brows.

“Chickens pluck, women tweeze.”

Get Your Best Brow

Too often I have clients with over-plucked, under-plucked, or out of control brows (In context, this is a totally acceptable way to use the term “plucked”). Here are a few things you can do if you have any of these problems.

Over-tweezed or too light brows: Take a look at a full-body photo of yourself. Now be honest, did you have to squint to see your eyebrows? If they are hardly noticeable, your brows might be over tweezed or too light.

Get Your Best Brow-lightGet Your Best Brow-light2

Look for products that help you grow thicker brows, try semi-permanent tattooing (makes it easy to keep the perfect brow shape) or use an eyebrow pencil or shadow daily – in the matching color, of course.
Under-tweezed brows: If you have not touched your brows before- please do not pick up tweezers, wax, thread or whatever else you may try to help open up your eyes. Go to the salon!
But if you insist on DIY, there are great eyebrow stencils by many companies that help you pick the best brow shape for your face and give you the stencil to draw it on so you know where to tweeze. Note: Make sure to tweeze hairs in the direction that they’re growing. Otherwise it will cause breakage and the hair may grow out in the opposite direction next time!

Too dark brows: If you’re coloring your hair from dark to blonde and find that your brows feel a bit too prominent, try going to a professional for a brow lightening treatment. A product like RefectoCil makes a gentle lightener as well, though it’s only for professional use.
Out of control brows: Brush brows into shape using an eyebrow brush or a clean mascara wand. If you have long and unruly hairs that stick out of the brow line, carefully trim the ends with small scissors.

Eyebrow maintenance guide

A. Start brow here: From end of nose to inner eye to eyebrow.

B. End brow here: From end nose to outer eye to eyebrow.

C. Arch here: From end nose to mid iris to eyebrow.

Do you have any other tips that I may have missed? Please share them in the comments section below!

Six Secrets of the Stylist

Fashion stylists have more tricks up their sleeves than a magician with a bunny and a hat. Here are six tips that will help you (and your stilettos) stomp the most common wardrobe malfunctions.

1. Get a Better Fit

By making simple adjustments using shoe cushions, you can make any of your shoes fit perfectly! Check out Foot Petals products like Heavenly Heelz and Amazing Arches to fix all your toughest stiletto struggles.

Foot Petals Heavenly Heelz

Foot Petals Heavenly Heelz

Foot Petals Amazing Arches

Foot Petals Amazing Arches

2. Don’t Be A Drag
Now you can wear your pants with heels and also have the option to rock them with your favorite flats without dragging the bottom. How’s that for having your cake and eating it too? Say hello to Zakkerz, a fabric strip with magnets that hold cuffed pants in place while being perfectly disguised.