The gluten-free frenzy is not just a trend.

So what is gluten? It’s a protein found in wheat — spelt, durum, emmer, farina, faro, kamut, barley, rye and triticale.

There has been ample research and studies on the benefits of a gluten-free diet, regardless of your health issues. And for those who do have celiac or an intolerance consuming gluten, even inhaling it may cause serious health problems — from a skin reaction to stomach pains and hospitalization.

That’s where gluten-free cosmetics come into play. Even women with celiac may not think about whether or not their makeup products contain gluten. It is important to do so however, as using gluten-free makeup and skincare products is beneficial to their well-being.

SUSAN POSNICK Cosmetics is proud to be a gluten-free line of makeup. Sounds obvious? You’d be surprised as to how many skincare products and makeup lines contain traces of gluten.

One of our customers began using COLORCOATED Mascara after having terrible reactions to other mascaras containing gluten.

So if you’ve got sensitive skin already, the inflammatory nature of gluten can actually cause heightened sensitivity and redness.

You’re simply better off not having gluten in your skin care products — think of your cosmetics as kind of like shopping for your favorite gluten-free brownies!

2015: A New Year – A Fresh Look



Looking to update your look this year? We have the perfect fresh look.  Susan has compiled a brand new color chart for spring just for you!

Get this look:

Face:  COLORFLO foundation in the appropriate color
COLORCORRECT pencil to highlight and conceal

Cheeks:  COLORME Lilly
  COLORFLO foundation in M8 to contour

Eyes:  Apply  COLOREYEDEFINE  shadow  in rose quartz on the eyelid up to the crease
Smudge COLOREYEDEFINE smokey quartz  liner close to the lashes  at top & bottom to frame the eye.  Then use as a shadow  on the outside 1/3 of the upper lid. Blend onto the brow bone.  Apply  COLOREYEDEFINE gold shadow on the inside corners at top and bottom.  Line the waterline in COLOREYEDEFINE platinum liner. Finish with COLORCOATED mascara in black.

Lips:   Dab COLORESSENTIAL London on the lips, applying more in the center for a luxurious pout

How To Transition Your Look From Winter To Spring


Heat things up with shades of cayenne for spring!  Warm up with COLORME in Ginger (a rosy red brown) and COLORDUO.  For COLORDUO, be sure to apply the rouge side first and nude on top for a matte lip!  As for COLORESSENTIAL, we love Shanghai with a Nude pencil on top for a softer look.  For the eyes, shop COLOREYEDEFINE in smoky quartz/pink quartz – the perfect desert shades.


Top off your look with a bit of COLORFLO Shimmer, the quickest way to take your makeup into spring.  Use COLORFLO Shimmer as an eye shadow as well as to highlight cheekbones, shoulders, and décolletage.  Use a white pencil like COLOREYEDEFINE in platinum under the bottom lashes and on the water line.   This is very on-trend and makes your eyes look BIG and BRIGHT!

Happy weekend,


Fall Beauty: Ivory and Maroon

marchesa 1
Fall 2013 from Marchesa was inspired by the Orient.  We can’t get enough of the rich tones of maroon and luxurious ivory.  Fall 2013 beauty at Marchesa is quite inspiring because of the fresh faces and rosy cheeks.  The lips offer the perfect hint of color.  You can replicate this look by using COLORFLO for a fresh face and even tone.  For just the right amount of blush, don’t miss COLORME in Scarlett for the perfect rosy autumn hue.  As for lips, we recommend COLORESSENTIAL in NYC.  Is your cosmetic bag ready for the new season?
marchesa 2

Might Melanoma Someday Soon Be a Thing of the Past?

Skin Cancer Awareness month maybe over, but the incidence of skin cancer is rising dramatically among young people. I know at 18 you think it can’t happen to you—well it doesn’t have to.

As many of you know, I am a skin cancer survivor.  It is, in fact, what made me change my career from painting famous faces to developing healthy products with sun protection for the entire family.  In most cases, skin cancer is preventable; simply by wearing sunscreens—zinc oxide and titanium dioxide being the most effective and healthy offerings on the market and trying to stay covered in the heat of the day.

 Brush on Block

According to a recent article I found at Skin Inc. researchers at Yale University School of Medicine have found a virus capable of killing melanoma cells.  The virus is called vesicular stomatitis or VSV, and it appears that this virus is highly competent at finding, infecting and killing human melanoma cells while having little likelihood to infect non-cancerous cells.  All testing to date has been done in labs and not on humans, but this is extremely encouraging news in the battle against melanoma, the most deadly of skin cancers.

Until scientist find a preventable cure, we can fight skin cancer by using healthy products such as Susan Posnick COLORFLO and BRUSH ON BLOCK , which make it easy to protect your skin—even when on the go—and it may save your life.



Regain Color Courage

When did becoming an adult and “growing up” take on such a serious face? One of my first love affairs was with makeup colors. Recalling the rush of shopping with my mother for eye shadows that would make a nun blush and then dashing home to try them on still gives me goose bumps. I am not sure what ended my romance with fun makeup colors, but I know this is something that most women experience.

As “grownups” we find ourselves reaching for the same muted colors, because in some way we have become scared to be bold. Today is the day to let your inner free spirit loose and indulge in the stunning colors the world of makeup and beauty has to offer!

A luscious lavender hue to the lids like Susan Posnick’s Amethyst/Opal COLOREYEDEFINE  will have you feeling young again and fiercely fabulous.


Trend Alert: Makeup, Workout?

Wearing makeup to the gym? We know what you’re thinking. But despite what people want us ladies to believe, wearing makeup to work out doesn’t scream superficial. People wear it for all sorts of reasons (ahem, there’s these little annoying marks called acne and hyper-pigmentation that lots of women have). A little cover-up may not seem necessary, but it can make women with any annoying skin condition feel comfortable.

So it may make sense that a whopping 7 out of 10 women in the United Kingdom wear some form of makeup while working out, according to a poll by UK retailer, Asda. But we’re curious what exactly they wear that doesn’t result in caking or a breakout the next day. Luckily, SPC offers breathable and healthy coverage. Our COLORFLO mineral foundation is light, feels weightless on your skin, and works for all skin tones. Like all of SPC, it’s made of natural ingredients that won’t irritate sensitive skin or clog your pores – and it offers sun protection. So it’s tough enough to work while you’re working out.

If you’re not into being barefaced while exercising – or doing whatever – remember that we’ve got you covered (literally) with COLORFLO.