Holiday Cheer!

Baby it’s cold outside, making it time to don a cozy sweater and tall boots paired with warm-colored makeup colors like COLORME blush in Scarlett or Ginger; COLOREYEDEFINE in Jasper-Sandstone; and COLORESSENTIAL lipstick in London, NYC and Marrakesh.

The holidays are upon us, which means we need to carve out ample time for those we love. Although it’s a great time to stock up on holiday gifts with sales galore, there is nothing better than spending the holiday season talking and laughing with family and friends, food and a cup (or two) of hot chocolate, topped off with Baileys.

Most people would agree that one of the best & easiest ways to bring friends and family together is through food, and the holidays are no exception.
At my table, this year’s must haves will be roasted root vegetables, mashed potatoes and of course my family recipe for peppermint brownies.

Later in the evening when all is cleaned up and quiet, I always look forward to taking a step back to absorb all of the warmth in my home. It’s easy to be grateful when you take a moment to realize all that you have.

Happy holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

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With the month of November beginning with Veterans Day on November 11 and ending with Thanksgiving, we’re dedicating these cool fall days to gratitude.

We’re saying thank you to all those who have served this country since 1776. We honor and appreciate the veterans who left their families and risked their lives to keep us safe. Thank you for your selflessness and bravery; we would not be here without you.

This month as we begin our holiday travels, please make an extra effort to thank the soldiers you see at the airport, and remember those who cannot be home with their loved ones.

Take a moment to acknowledge those who have lost their lives in war. Say a prayer for the wounded and one for the soldiers who continue to fight for our safety.

Spend time with your family and loved ones, and give back to those less fortunate than you.

Let your good deeds this month set the stage for how you finish 2015 and for the coming years.

Commemorate, appreciate and be grateful for all that you have. 



The cooler weather is quickly approaching and when it does I am often asked if I have any tips for keeping hands & cuticles looking smooth and moisturized.

Below are a few at- home concoctions I recommend, along with some of my favorite hand products.

For daytime I prefer hand creams that provide nourishing ingredients without feeling greasy. Look for products that soften the skin naturally with almond, coconut or olive oil, shea or cocoa butter.
L’Occitane or MISTRAL hand creams are favorites as they come in small tubes so I can always carry them with me to keep my hands protected throughout the day.

Remember your hands need sun protection as well to keep them from getting wrinkles and hyper pigmentation from harmful UV rays.
I always layer COLORFLO or BRUSH ON BLOCK over my hand cream to stay sun protected.
Snow skiing this winter? Remember that you are closer to the sun’s rays and sun protection is even more critical.

For smooth and silky hands, a good oil- based hand scrub that exfoliates and gently refines and removes the dead skin cells is a must.

For a simple DIY scrub that is perfect for this time of year, mix together:
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup liquid coconut, almond, argan or jojoba oil (my personal favorite is coconut)
1/2 tsp. of cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice
Add some baking soda or lemon to the mix as it helps lighten hyper pigmentation.

Some of my favorite store bought brands are by Shea Moisture and Origins.

For a more intensive nightime treatment include a retinol product in your hand care regime, but remember it may dry out your skin and cuticles, so be sure to moisturize over top. What’s good for the face is good for the hands, so rub excess face products onto the top of your hands.

For your nails and cuticles, remember to take your towel and push the cuticle back when you get out of the shower. Keep your nails shorter in the winter to prevent splitting. Apply straight oil onto the cuticles – any kind will work.

And if you’re really serious about keeping your hands looking supple, apply the oil all over your hands and sleep in some cotton gloves- available at your neighborhood Rite Aid, or any other pharmacy.
I keep BIO OIL and AQUAPHOR by my bed- all year round. Not only are they great for your hands, but they double as a lip conditioner as well.

Doing dishes or other household chores? Wear rubber gloves.

Still can’t get your nails to look strong and healthy?  Take biotin, 5,000-10,000 mcg daily. Personal testimony- it works!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Ghosts & Goblins

Ghosts & Goblins

Halloween is upon us, which means spooky front yards, candy cravings and costumes. It is a fun time of year for children and adults alike.

The most popular costumes this year include minions from the hit film Minions, Khalessi from Game of Thrones and of course Elsa from Frozen. I also imagine there will be many dressing up as Donald Trump, as that hairdo is too easy to poke fun at.
I miss the days of Marilyn Monroe dresses, green witches and Dorothy.

If you don’t plan to deck-out this Halloween with a full-blown costume, try joining in the fun by intensifying your makeup. Susan Posnick makes it easy to be your best vampire; think Bella in Twilight, Lily Munster in The Munsters, and Morticia in The Addams Family.

1. Use a dark shade of COLORCORRECT to contour your cheekbones as vampires are usually very gaunt looking.

2. Smudge COLOREYEDEFINE in Smokey Quartz under your eyes, along with a little COLORME in Scarlett or Orchid to create dark circles.

3. Dramatize and deepen your eyes with COLOREYEDEFINE in Jet or Sapphire – and skip the mascara.

4. Finish the look with bold, dark lips using COLORME Orchid as a base mixed with COLORESSENTIAL lipstick in London.
For a more ghoulish and pasty look, line your lips with COLOREYEDEFINE in Smokey Quartz and use COLORCORRECT C1 in place of lip color.

5. Add some baby powder to your hair to make it look very grey and scraggly and you are ready to meet those trick or treaters face on.



(image Harrods Holloween 2015 Neil Mockford/getty images europe)



Transitions… they are never easy. Change often brings fear, but if we can look beyond that and view them more as new beginnings than they become opportunities.

I recently sold my house and had to be out in two weeks . Not only that I was downsizing, gone was my personal storage unit- the garage. What to keep, what to let go of?  I started to spend hours looking through photos, lots of photos: my daughter’s drawings, report cards, Mother’s Day cards- I am sentimental, I wanted to keep it all- and time was limited. I decided to make rules for myself.

So here are my Moving Survival Tips:
1.  Photograph those things that mean the most to you that you know you need to leave behind.

2.  Find help, whether it’s a family member, friend, or someone hired-don’t do this alone. Have someone with you to keep you moving, on track, not to mention emotional support.

3. Hire someone to put family photos, videos and in my case, work photos on discs, so they take up inches of space instead of boxes. (GROUPON often has offers)

4. PURGE ..clothing, kitchen ‘stuff’, books, objects.
Clothes-if it doesn’t fit now, it probably won’t again, let it go.
If you haven’t worn it in 2 years – and yes I know the rule is one- but I get attached, let it go. Let someone else enjoy it!
If you don’t feel ‘happy’ wearing it or it doesn’t bring back a happy memory, say goodbye.

Home Accessories – if it hasn’t been out on display, let it go. Or if it’s been boxed up for a while, make it new again & let go of the things you’ve been looking at for the last 5-10 years.

Furniture- take what fits in the new space. If you’re not sure, hire an expert.  It is well worth paying a designer for a few hours of their time. Add a few new things – curtains or a new bedside table, so the new space feels like your own yet still fresh and new.

If in doubt, donate it, have a garage sale, take it to a resale shop.

Memorial Day & Armed Forces Day

Memorial Day & Armed Forces Day

I want to honor all women whose lives have been touched by the military. Whether it’s the women who have sent their husband or children to war, the women who serve in the military- some of them now on the front lines, and the women who stay home to work while their husbands go to war to defend our country,  all of you have make great sacrifices. Some of you have left children at home, some have lost a family member, some have come home with PTSD or have been injured- I honor each and every one of you.

The woman who comes to mind to embody the empowerment , patriotism & sacrifice of women is Rosie the Riveter.  The real Rosie, Rose Will Monroe was born in Kentucky and moved to Michigan during WWII. She built bombers for the Air Force. During World War II , and represented the American women who worked in the factories and shipyards, replacing the men who had gone of to war.  At the age of 50 she obtained her pilot’s license, a lifelong dream of hers, continuing her pattern of taking on ???? that were once thought of for men only.
Rosie the Riveter is commonly used as a symbol of feminism, empowerment and the economic power of women. She inspired a social movement that by 1944 increased the female work force from 12 million to 20 million, and it showed that women were fully capable of doing ” men’s jobs”. In addition it opened up many jobs to minority women that would not otherwise have been available to them, helping to breakdown social barriers and prejudice. Working side by side, day after day, these women built friendships and began to understand that they had many of the same concerns and desires- and they were not so different after all.

After the war, most of these women went back to being  full-time homemakers as the men returned to fill the jobs, but the idea of what ‘ women’s work’ meant was forever changed.

During May, please take a moment to acknowledge all those lost in military service as well as honoring the women who paved the way for us today.

Valentine’s Day Wish List


If you still haven’t compiled your Valentine’s Day Wish List, we have a few ideas for you.  Go bold with bright red lips from Susan Posnick Cosmetics.  We recommend COLORESSENTIAL in Tokyo.  Get glowing this weekend, with our COLORFLO shimmer that looks particularly beautiful at a candlelight dinner. If you are planning an evening in, we recommend a good book like Jane Austen’s Emma and a warm candle. Wishing you lots of LOVE this month and always.

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