double eyeliner

 photo: celebmafia 

A quick and easy way to update your look this fall? Use a duo color eyeliner with a different hue on your top and bottom lids.  The image of Cara Delevingne (right) and Kendall Jenner (left) is the perfect example of this look. Our COLOREYEDEFINE pencils are the perfect way to achieve this complementary colored hue in a cinch.

For Cara’s look: use COLOREYEDEFINE Jet Liner in a thick line across your top lashes and add Moonstone just under the brow to visually lift the brow.  Apply COLOREYEDEFINE in turquoise liner under your lower lashes.  Use our Topaz shadow at the base of the brow bone to contour and shape the eye.

For Kendall’s look: try COLOREYEDEFINE in Bronze and Copper.  Use the Bronze liner to frame the eye staying close to the lashes. Then, use the Copper end at the base of the brow bone to shape the eye at the outer corners on the upper and lower lashes to make your eyes more almond shaped.

You can also try COLOREYEDEFINE in Platinum and Gold – particularly for the holidays! Use the Gold shadow under the bottom lashes and on the lid above the liner.   The platinum pencil can go inside the corners of the eye on the top and bottom to brighten them.

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photo: celebmafia 

CED platinum/gold