You like to have things in perfect shape: your body, your home, the silhouette of your favorite dress… and your brows.

Eyebrows are important in contributing to the symmetry of your face and framing those stunning windows to your soul. By the end of this blog you will know exactly how to improve the look of your brows.

“Chickens pluck, women tweeze.”

Get Your Best Brow

Too often I have clients with over-plucked, under-plucked, or out of control brows (In context, this is a totally acceptable way to use the term “plucked”). Here are a few things you can do if you have any of these problems.

Over-tweezed or too light brows: Take a look at a full-body photo of yourself. Now be honest, did you have to squint to see your eyebrows? If they are hardly noticeable, your brows might be over tweezed or too light.

Get Your Best Brow-lightGet Your Best Brow-light2

Look for products that help you grow thicker brows, try semi-permanent tattooing (makes it easy to keep the perfect brow shape) or use an eyebrow pencil or shadow daily – in the matching color, of course.
Under-tweezed brows: If you have not touched your brows before- please do not pick up tweezers, wax, thread or whatever else you may try to help open up your eyes. Go to the salon!
But if you insist on DIY, there are great eyebrow stencils by many companies that help you pick the best brow shape for your face and give you the stencil to draw it on so you know where to tweeze. Note: Make sure to tweeze hairs in the direction that they’re growing. Otherwise it will cause breakage and the hair may grow out in the opposite direction next time!

Too dark brows: If you’re coloring your hair from dark to blonde and find that your brows feel a bit too prominent, try going to a professional for a brow lightening treatment. A product like RefectoCil makes a gentle lightener as well, though it’s only for professional use.
Out of control brows: Brush brows into shape using an eyebrow brush or a clean mascara wand. If you have long and unruly hairs that stick out of the brow line, carefully trim the ends with small scissors.

Eyebrow maintenance guide

A. Start brow here: From end of nose to inner eye to eyebrow.

B. End brow here: From end nose to outer eye to eyebrow.

C. Arch here: From end nose to mid iris to eyebrow.

Do you have any other tips that I may have missed? Please share them in the comments section below!