COLORFLO_May Promo_Susan Posnick Cosmetics_Drop Visionary Branding
As an international celebrity makeup artist for years, whose passion was -and still is, making women look beautiful, Susan Posnick was shocked to learn in her late 30’s, that a tiny spot on her forehead which looked a little peculiar, was actually skin cancer. Allergic to chemical sunscreens, the only thing the doctors could recommend for sun protection was thick, zinc oxide – the white ‘stuff’ lifeguards wear on their nose.

“I knew I needed to find a healthy way to protect my skin, and was keenly aware that other women were probably searching for the same thing. I began working on the development of a product that would provide natural sun protection, be portable for women on-the-go, and double as a foundation.” A huge project to tackle, but Susan was up to the challenge in order to help prevent skin cancer for others.

In 2002 Susan developed COLORFLO, the simple brush and go, all natural foundation that provides full spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection and flawless coverage, all in a self-dispensing-refillable brush.