Mothers Day !

Mothers Day !

On April 19, 2015 my only child Hannah married her beloved Jon. The years have flown by much too quickly, something that every mom hears. Take heed, I speak the truth.

Throughout the journey there are times of much laughter and much pride, and there are times of sacrifice and great challenge; like when your daughter goes to school one morning at about the age of 13 and you wonder who came home that day and lived in your house for the next 8 years!

That time passes thank goodness, and they continue to grow and the mother- daughter bond becomes stronger.
Nothing prepares you however for the tremendous joy a mother feels knowing that her daughter has found a partner who loves & cherishes her, and will take good care of her.

At my daughter’s wedding, in addition to being the mother of the bride, I was honored to be her matron of honor, and have gained a wonderful son.

I eagerly await the time the circle of life continues, as my daughter Hannah becomes a mom.

Happy Mother’s Day !!!

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Susan Posnick in PaperCity Magazine


Susan dishes on her FAVORITE beauty spots and secrets in Dallas with PaperCity magazine – Skinfinity, Nail Works, Intraceuticals, ERA Salon, Hands Of Peace Massage, and more.  What did she miss?

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Skin Cancer Awarness Month

Skin Cancer Awarness Month

I guess this is a ‘personal’ newsletter this month as I want to share my story about getting skin cancer, and how it led to Susan Posnick Cosmetics.

I started my cosmetic company because I got skin cancer and wanted to hopefully save others from the same.

My first career was as an international celebrity makeup artist, which I loved and thought I would do forever. Then I was diagnosed with skin cancer.
Fortunately it was on my face because I noticed a peculiar spot immediately. What looked like a small blemish with a crusty head came and went 2 or 3 times, so I decided to visit the dermatologist to have it looked at. He too thought it was nothing, but decided to biopsy it, just in case. We were both caught off guard when it came back as skin cancer- which I fortunately caught in its infancy.
I immediately headed to a specialist in MOHS surgery; a doctor who spends 2 additional years of medical training specializing in the treatment/removal of skin cancers.
As I was allergic to chemical sunscreen, the only thing the doctors could recommend for sun protection was zinc oxide- the white “stuff” lifeguards wear on their nose. It was not a practical option, so I became determined to create a product that would provide natural sun protection, be portable so that you could apply it on-the-go, and hopefully double as a foundation.
And so began Susan Posnick Cosmetics with our core product COLORFLO. The self- dispensing, refillable, luxurious brush pops in your purse, a gym bag, golf bag, or pocket.
Since I began the company in 2002, the incidence of skin cancer has been rapidly rising and the age of diagnosis continues to get younger, even into the teens.
Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide- the physical sunscreens in COLORFLO provide the BEST sun protection against both UVA and UVB rays. They literally reflect the sun off the face and act like a shade –blocking the sun.

If you notice a spot on your face or body that doesn’t look quite right, please get it checked immediately. The sooner skin cancer of any kind is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat. Not all skin cancers are caused by the sun, but most are and are therefore preventable.

Here at Susan Posnick our job is to help you face the sun safely.


Celebrate Earth Day with COLORFLO


We’re celebrating Earth Day with the healthy effects of our COLORFLO foundation. With all natural ingredients, COLORFLO provides powerful and natural sun protection.  You can enjoy your time outdoors while protecting your skin. Our product does not contain any harmful ingredients and is environmentally sensitive. We’ll see you in the sun – Happy Earth Day!







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In the News: Susan Posnick Cosmetics


COLORCORRECT was recently listed on MSN’s list of products that will improve your beauty routine! Our double-sided pencil emphasizes your eyes while helping you conceal dark circles and blemishes.  The highlighter side also works wonders for creating a Cupid’s bow for those who want fuller-looking lips sans injections.  See the article here.

Celebrate Women’s History Month


This March, as we celebrate Women’s History Month, it seems fitting to highlight two women who really the started cosmetic industry. Recently, I finished the book  War Paint  by Lindy Woodhead, which chronicles the lives of Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubenstein.  If you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you pick up this biography-it’s a fascinating read.

Rubenstein and Arden launched their businesses a world apart and under very different circumstances, and competed and collided at every turn.  Originally they both focused on skincare as proper women did not wear makeup, but by 1912 they had both dipped into the world of color.

The book chronicles the incredible societal changes that took place in just ten short years. When the suffragettes marched for voting rights in 1912, as a sign of their independence they wore red lipstick “because they wanted to.” As we headed into the ‘roaring 20s with the use of  kohl eyeliners, eyeshadows, rouge, and lipstick, the women’s revolution leaped forward.

During the depression era of the 1930s, any extra pocket money was spent on a lipstick. The 40s brought WWll, and women went to work, headed up the households, and developed true purchasing power. By that time, Charles Revson of REVLON began selling nail polish and the beauty industry never looked back.

Who knew that the freedom to choose wearing a lipstick would have such an impact? Yes, even the freedom to wear makeup is a sign of progress and power.  We’d like to support you this month on your busy journeys. My makeup line was designed for active women – keeping their lives simple while never sacrificing a great lipstick.


Valentine’s Day Wish List


If you still haven’t compiled your Valentine’s Day Wish List, we have a few ideas for you.  Go bold with bright red lips from Susan Posnick Cosmetics.  We recommend COLORESSENTIAL in Tokyo.  Get glowing this weekend, with our COLORFLO shimmer that looks particularly beautiful at a candlelight dinner. If you are planning an evening in, we recommend a good book like Jane Austen’s Emma and a warm candle. Wishing you lots of LOVE this month and always.

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