My own makeup drawer before & after

So the BIG chill in the air is gone and spring has sprung, and it’s time to clean out the cobwebs and your home.

A good place to start might be your makeup drawer.

  1. I suggest emptying everything out, giving the drawer and the baskets or containers you keep your makeup in, a good cleaning.
  2. Next step, see exactly what is in there.
  3. If it’s THAT lipstick you had to have in 2010, which probably smells a little odd by now, and haven’t put on since- TRASH IT!
  4. Mascara that got tossed in the drawer because it thickened up, and you thought that if by magic  putting it in the drawer would fix it,  and it’s been open for longer than 3 months, say goodbye. Mascara once opened, is a breeding ground for bacteria. May I suggest going forward you wear Susan Posnick COLORCOATED mascara. It won’t thicken up, smudge or flake, has peptides in it to promote healthy lashes, and it is designed to last 2 1/2 -3 months and it’s empty.
  5. Cream blush that shows oil from your fingers- say bye. Powder blush that gets that ‘crusty’ topping,  if you can’t remember when you bought, toss it. If it’s less than 2 years old- scrape off the dark area with a knife and you are good to go.
  6. Eyeshadows, probably last the longest, but if it’s a “what was I thinking” color- share it with a friend, unless they have that “what were you thinking” look on their face.
  7. Skincare- once opened,  should not be kept longer than 18 months. I’m as guilty as you are in that department. I try something for a while, think there is something better out there, and put it in my drawer instead of tossing it out.

The purging actually feels good, and you rediscover makeup you forgot you had, that you can still use.

Those things you do keep, wipe down the cases.

Now that everything  is fresh again, it almost feels  like you’ve been on a makeup shopping spree, but without spending any money!