I am about to embark on a journey unlike any I have known before. I am going to a silent meditation retreat for 10 days to find that place of quiet within.  The thought of not having a phone, a computer, music, books, or anyone to talk with, are terrifying to me. I have become so accustom to distractions, and always being busy, but I am ready to be centered again and to have absolute clarity in both my business and personal life.  This is a time to rekindle my creative energies, which get pushed to the sidelines somewhat when running a business.  What do I envision for innovative products for Susan Posnick Cosmetics, what is the future of the company, and for me personally?  I expect to have those answers and much more when I return home.  I will write about my experience when I get back.  Hopefully, what I share will open doors for others.