I found a way to enhance my facial features without going crazy.

I feel pretty confident in my abilities to highlight and contour with subtlety using powder products, but until recently, I did not feel the same about liquid and cream contouring products.

Every time I would try to contour with any formulas other than powder, I felt like my makeup looks way too caked on. While I think a heavy highlight and contour has great applications for photography and can really transform the appearance of the face, I am more into enhancing the features about my face that I already like.

I recently came across ColorCorrect from Susan Posnick and discovered they were just what I needed to achieve the look I want.

Susan Posnick ColorCorrect pencils in C3 (top) and C4 (bottom).
Susan Posnick ColorCorrect pencils in C3 (top) and C4 (bottom).

These pencils are dual-ended and meant for concealing and brightening the under-eye area. I’m pretty loaded up on regular concealers, so I decided to repurpose them for highlighting and contouring.

The formula on these pencils is very creamy, and they provide a nice amount of coverage. Since they are so creamy, I’ve found that I have a good amount of time to blend before the product sets, which makes it ideal for contouring and highlighting. I’ve also found that if I get too heavy-handed with them, I can still blend them out pretty easily before I set everything with powder. This is HUGE to me because usually I have to go back in with more foundations to fix my mistakes, which only adds to that caked-on look…

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